Just Keep Swimming!

Well another dawn creeps up and here I go. Trying to get back on my old sleeping schedule. Up early and in bed earlier, have to be able to get out the door. I am hoping to do the art and craft show this weekend. Now, I think I need to clarify this a little. It isn’t a show per say, it is going to be more like a market. The set up is supposed to be a permanent one. Other than an occasional week or weekend off, because some big art show will be in town. It is six days a week, even in the winter, great new twist for all the tourists and locals too. Getting ready to head out the door and check it out, maybe I can set up for tomorrow. Hopefully with it being tax free weekend here, business will be good. I am going to see what it is all about today  and talk to any artists or crafters there to see how they are doing anyway! I needed to find a job and this is an answer to my prayers, if it works out! So keep your fingers crossed and wish me good luck!

Also finished a new print for t-shirts, a Sea Turtle as promised! Hope you like it, I will be posting it later today, when I get back in, on my Zazzle store and probably in my other stores as a signed print. I will post the links here if you are interested. Also, I will be posting the friendship bracelets I posted on here yesterday! Keep in mind, I will be taking all my items to the show tomorrow, and if I sell them there some of them will have to be either remade and a few paintings will be gone. For me that would be good news, moving inventory is always a good thing! Going to pick up my lottery today, hopefully that will be a winner! I started working on a new sun, for a t-shirt print as well and hope to have it done tonight to share with you tomorrow, this one will be in color. It is looking a little gray outside to day, need to check the weather for the weekend, hopefully it will not be storming out. That could make sales rough, especially being outside! Just checked it, the weather for today calls for storms, tomorrow not so much.

Well, life is truly spinning right now, but not out of control. My homage to Nemo, is just keep swimming. So, I will, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…… Life goes fast and and rough sometimes, but we all have to keep our heads up and keep on swimming along. If you forget to swim, you will drown, and that is definitely no fun! Remember those to rules to live by, always look cute and always have fun, that way you will always survive and keep from hurting yourself and others and always have a good outlook on life in general! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Friday, and an even better weekend. All my love to all, as always, love, diana










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