Thunderstorms, Art And Crafts Fair!

Well, after all the excitement yesterday, i was worried about everything. What do I do for money, where do I go for help, who do I talk to, what will tomorrow bring me, how can I prepare myself, etc…? anyway, though I was too stressed out to do any artwork, my brain just a whirl and no room for concentration, I did some more work online. I looked up a site with pointers on ho w to improve your online business, listed below. SO I decided to go to craigs list and check out art groups and when I got there, I saw the postings for rental property and jobs. As I looked through the jobs listing, I stumbled on a listing for a new set up in my town. It is one of the bigger shopping centers in town and their business has been suffering with the economy. To better survive this little crunch, they have opened their parking area and walkways to local artists and crafters.

Many of the stores have been unable to survive this economic crash and so to bring more people to the center, increase their own rental stats, they have come up with this solution for business. They are renting out 10′ x10′ spots for $5 a day, and the 10′ x15′ spots are only $8. Now, the lady I spoke with said that it has only just begun about two weeks ago. So far the weekends have been good and the weekdays not so good, due to the heat and the fact that at this point only one artisan is consistently showing up during the weekdays.  I am going to do the work and see if I can get some tables or some other kind of set up and give it a shot this weekend. It could be fun, hot, but fun! I am anxious to see how well I do. Finding a way to better sell my products, if I do well, it maybe possible to either continue or give the flea market a shot and see how that goes. Time will tell, right now I am on the hunt for at least one table.

No luck on the lottery yet, but I haven’t lost hope. All my luck runs together, so with the bad luck in my personal life, it can only mean a boost in my financial life! Still got the positive attitude, I can’t give up! It has been worse and I am on the upward crawl out of that pit, I refuse to go back! One thing for sure, it has been an adventurous week, no doubts about that. Got to keep on going and make a plan, even if I have to change the plan, at least have one. That way my goals will be horizon, no matter what, moving ahead or upward is the point. There will be no back sliding or falling down allowed. Hoping your week is wrapping up great! Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is upon us. Sending out my love to you and yours, in the hopes that you have a fun and safe weekend, as always, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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