The Hopeless Stick!

Once upon a time, there was a lady. She lived in a troubled world, full of problems. Every where she went people would beat each other up with the hopeless stick. The hopeless stick is the weapon used by those who feel they have lost control of their lives. They go after anyone who gets near and beat them with it. The whole time they are using it, it yells out things; “Why is this happening to me?”, “My life sucks!”, “:Why can’t I have better luck?”, “I never get anything!”, “Why can’t I have good luck?”, ” I am tired of working so hard and never getting ahead!”. Things like this happened everyday, so she became a bit of a recluse. It seemed everyday, it got worse and worse. More and more people used their hopeless sticks, more and more often. She couldn’t even go to the store with out having to dodge sticks. It became such a challenge to make her way anywhere without being stuck by some one’s stick. She owned a stick of course, everyone had it, but hers grew dusty. She did not like using it, because when she was done using it, she was too tired to do anything else. One thing she knew, that is she was too tired to do what she needed to do, nothing would ever get done! Try as she might, she couldn’t get them to understand, that if they put their sticks down, they would have more time and energy to gt where they wanted to be. It was a struggle to get them to hear what she was saying and if she did get through, the next day they were at it again.

This is the kind of day I am having. Struggling to get ahead in life is hard enough, without trying to save an ocean full of people, who seem unable to save them selves. Even a lifeguard can only save a few people in a short time. This is not meant to be a hostile blog, maybe it is kind of sad though. Do these people think they are the only ones who have to work hard to get anywhere? I think even in the easiest circumstances, everyday people have to work hard to get ahead, or even stay where they are at. With the economy still trying to stabilize, it is even harder for all concerned. My little quote for all of us struggling out there today is ” Chin up, look forward, do not worry about tomorrows problems, it will be enough to keep up with today’s worries. So focus on what you can fix today, and fix tomorrow’s when it gets here!” I will keep you in my thought and prayers, always.

Now that, that is done. Hope you are having a wonderful day, if not, read the previous passages and good luck! I too am struggling along, I can only hope that all the work I do today, will make tomorrow easier. If you are, it is wonderful to know that there is hope for me and all those who are working so hard to get to that dream! The pictures today are the bracelets I finished yesterday, hope you like them! Lottery is tonight! I could really use the money to get on track and help some of those who need a little boost! Lots of love to you, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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