I Don’t Know, Most Common Phrase!

Why is it the most common thing people and children like utter? I can only guess, that once a child uses it, so many of us never forget the affect of that statement. Whenever I hear it, I feel struck, for a moment before I can reply. It is usually more common than not that, when I ask something, the reason I am asking that particular person the question, is that I believe they have the answer. Funny, that child is smart enough to think that,, the reply will get them off the hook, even after they have not gotten away with it before. Even more surprising that some one can actually make it to adulthood and still think that works! Is it because we are taught innocent until proven guilty? Or, is that how that phrase came about? I mean, did some degenerate person, who successfully made it through law school decided that, if you can’t pin it on me, than I did not do it? I understand that should be a law, I am just confused, that even as adults we think we can even think that saying ” I don’t know!”, makes us free of any guilt. Tell what you do know and man up if it is you, or if you do know.

Why are we so afraid to face the consequences of our actions, or what another person will thin of us? Is our self esteem as a society, based solely on how some one else judges us? Some times this statement, can apply, if and only if you truly don’t know. If you know, fess up! I am a firm believer that every one appreciates a person who can be trusted to be honest,, even if it isn’t pretty. That no matter how stupid or deprived and action may be, that there is some kind of solace in the fact that the person responsible, takes responsibility for it. I, obviously cannot speak for everyone, but as a collective society, I can only hope that we haven’t sunk so far as to think lying and being irresponsible is a good thing! Oh well, just had to get that off my chest, just something I was wondering about.

I did not win the lottery this weekend, or I would be on vacation right now! I am still working on a drawing, should be done, by tomorrow, just a bunch of squares, but a lot of them, it is taking a minute. My weekend has been busy, friends calling and stopping by and such. Doing the usual housework, and working on art. Hoping you had a wonderful weekend, fun and safe for sure. Sending out my love to you, and lots of happy thoughts, even if you don’t know why, :). Just had to through that in there! Love, diana

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