Rockin” And Poppin’ Saturday!

Sorry I am so late getting on, been a busy, busy day! So far today I am washing my third load of laundry, working on a new drawing, in the process of making potato salad, almost done making home made hot pocket sandwiches, just finished making fresh wheat bread dough, made a loaf of home made banana bread, made steaks, potatoes, cucumber salad, hot mixed vegetables, doing a lot of dishes and talking to my daughter on the phone! Now that I am done with lunch, my only meal do far today, and have reached a minute to break, literally, I am on here to give you my little update for the day! After this and finishing the few tasks I have to wrap up, I will be back to working on my art and a nice bubble bath, and reading my Marketing On Facebook.

So, now that I have that off of my chest, hoping you all are having a great weekend so far! This week has been slow in sales, zero to be exact. I am continuing on my journey to maintain internet advertising, still a long way to go, I am sure. I really haven’t had as much time online as I would like to focus on advertising, and I am sure that hurt some, was so busy setting up some new sites. Now that the worst of the hard stuff is done, I can better balance my time again, on focusing on the push again. Like most people it is hard to find that balance sometimes, too much of one thing leaves little time for others. Hopefully after this weekend it will be back to the old grindstone for me. The drawings I have been working on this week have been tedious ones and are requiring a lot of time. In both cases days for one, considering the size, it is amazing, just lots of detail work. This wee, I think I want to switch gears on work in a different medium, sewing or crocheting, I haven’t decided yet. I just have a need to mix it up a little bit.

Nothing new on the lottery home front, still haven’t made my millions yet, but everyday is another day closer, one way or another! Wow, I am beat, no time for rest though still a lot to do, can’t sit for too long or I will not get done! I picked up some new batteries for my camera yesterday, so I will be able to load some of the bigger drawings on here, as soon as I get a minute, big smile. So, here is a funny quote from me today, a window into my silly world. Just got a new cell phone from a friend, pay as you go type of phone. My boyfriend called in to set it up, and was told he only had ten minutes on it. So when he gets off the phone he relays this message to me. My reply “When we get a minute, we will buy some!” Wish  that life were so simple. I could use a few more this week for sure. He laughed at me, I hadn’t even realized myself what I had said, I was so busy doing so many things. One day soon, I will share some more of my little sayings. I hear they are cute and funny, I just think they are my way of reflecting my own way of doing things. Guess thinking out of the box is not as common as I think it is! Love to you all today, stay safe, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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