The Movie Old Guys And Something New!

Okay, well I rented the movie Old Guys, watched it twice last night (partially because I work and watch tv), but it was really funny! I will be buying it, love, love love it! Robin Williams and John Travolta make a great Odd Couple (old tv show, for those of you too young to remember), they play very well off of each others comedy styles. If you haven’t seen it, and you love to laugh, you have got to see this movie.

As I mentioned I was working, still trying to learn how to do watercolors. Definitely a new technique for me. Especially odd for me, since my style of choice is more abstract. But, as you will see over the next few days, I don’t think I am doing to bad at it. Keep in mind, this is new to me. They will be appearing in these blogs, so you can give me your critique, advice, comments or whatever you choose to say. Hope you like them, it has been really fun trying a new media, and since I am experimenting, learning to mix media as well. The charity art for the bulldog is coming to a close, we have decided on a book for charity. Once I have the final details, I will be sure to post it here, that way if you are interested or know some one else who might be, you can have that information available.It is a good cause, we ar starting a new one, with butterflies for Lupus, in August. So stay tuned in for updates on that charity as well.

Also, I have been looking into starting a new store on a site called Zazzle. On this site, people can buy T-shirts, ties, coffee mugs, posters, cards and all kinds of things, even skate boards and shoes with art printed on it. I am looking forward to setting this up, and seeing what the response is to it. Once I get her up and running you will be the first to know! Hope you like it. Haven’t had a chance to check my lottery yet, still trying to get some work done this weekend, always lots to do. There will be an update soon, for those of you who wait with baited breath to know! Hoping you are having a fun and safe weekend! All my love, as usual, diana

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