Etopic Pregnancy vs. Menopause And A Few Other Things!

Well, this is a doosie! I am not even sure how to begin. Assuming we are all grown ups here, I AM Late! I was due my normal cycle at eh 3rd or 4th week of June and it did not happen. Now, here’s the deal, I am forty-seven and I have no tubes. Several years ago, two years in a row I had tubal pregnancies. So, logically that would mean menopause, right? Since I have never been through menopause, I can’t be sure of the symptoms. Of course, I have read some things about it and seen a program or more on shows like Oprah, Good Morning America, and The View, or some other shows. Needless to say, I am not completely ignorant. My symptoms, seem to be more like pregnancy ones however. Yet, I was told years ago, that it was highly unlikely and virtually impossible! Hence my confusion, if you have followed me at all, you would know that I am unemployed on top of all that. No insurance, no husband, and trying with all my might to get my art career going with no money to start it with. Just lots of good old fashioned hard work, reading, learning etc… I am trying to keep panic at  bay, trying to be rational, and once again trying to do some research online. I Got Nothin’, just a joke. Most of the sites on the internet, tell you pregnancy is not possible without IVF( Invitro-Fertilization). Anyway, spell check is now dogging me, sorry if the spelling is off, so is my mind right now, please forgive me.

This brings another thought to mind. So many people are able to find out all kinds of things online, and yet every time I look, I get nothing. Obviously nothing is extreme, it seems to be less than, versus more than. Obviously there is some kind of a knack to internet research, that up until now I am lacking. If there is any advice, comments or in general hope you can or wish to offer,I will welcome it. My mind is exhausted and reeling all at the same time. A distraction would do me good, or conversation or interaction of any sort.

Lottery checked last night, no winner ( boy could I use the money now!!!)!But there is always tonight, we shall see. Haven’t worked on any art, been very sleepy and trying to read up on the Facebook phenom. I will do some work today, not sure what form it will take, my right hand is still swelling from all the drawing this weekend, with the Bull Dog pictures. But as promised, I will post all three and let you judge for me which one should be submitted for the calender or now they are talking a book for charity. Would love to know what your thoughts on any of these topics are. Hope your hump day is a hum dinger, full of silliness today, sorry about that. Just trying to stay sane and happy, in this crazy minute of my life! As always, love from me to you, diana

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3 Responses to “Etopic Pregnancy vs. Menopause And A Few Other Things!”

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    • Thank you very much. I do not have these symptoms, my symptoms are pregnancy symptoms, and I do not understand how that is possible with no tubes. I was trying to find out the odds and possibilities of getting p[regnant with out tubes and the risks involved!

  2. […] Etopic Pregnancy vs. Menopause And A Few Other Things … […]

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