Strange New Terms Makes A Curious Brain

Well, I was watching something new to me on TV last night. It is a show about sex. There were several new terms for totally new diagnoses on there the one that stands out is sexual anorexic. Now according to this program a sexual anorexic is some one who denies themselves and their partner sex, partly out of controlling and partly because of child issues with the parent of the opposite sex. It was a fascinating show for me, just because I learned so many new things. For those of you who don’t follow, I do love to learn all the time. I crave  educating myself. Any way enough of that, I did finish the final bull dog picture I was working on yesterday, and as promised it is posted here for you to see. Tomorrow I will post all three together and you can vote for your favorite. This is more serious bull dog than the earlier ones, just trying to mix them up a little bit.

Well, internet sales is slowing starting to move. NOthing crazy or rapid, but there have been a couple of orders in the last week or two. So far the sales have been on my ETSY account, nothing yet on my Artfire or my Zibbet account. I am hoping they start moving as well. The book I told you about is going well, in chapter four now, this is when it is required of me to start taking action. Since that has already been going on, I am waiting to read something that I have not done yet. Very good. Today is filled with some house work, putting away the pencils and markers and dragging out whatever project makes me happy. I do have some cabbage to cook and a few other things. But, right now I want some breakfast and a shower, just in reverse!

My therapy loving friends are giving me  a break right now. The peace and quiet has been wonderful! It has also been nice to be able to catch up with other friends, very nice. Hoping your week is off to a smooth, if not fun start, mine is going well. Hoping to end the week with a bunch of sales, Yay! A girl has to have her dreams you know. It is a good dream and I am thinking, it is a premonition! Wink! So go and have a great day, hope you love the picture or pictures the last couple of days. All my love as always, diana


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