Bull Dog Picture And Today’s Update!

Well good day to you! I finished a second drawing of a bull dog, posted here. Hope you like it, would love to hear back from you. I made a sale last night on my ETSY account. Some black lacy fingerless vintage style gloves. They are so adorable! Any way no new sales on my Christmas in July promo on my Artfire and ZIbbet accounts. But lots of hits on Zibbet for sure, haven’t figured how to track it yet on the other two sites. But, I will keep trying to figure it out. The book I am reading about marketing on Facebook, is very helpful in finding some of these things. I am really starting to enjoy it. Today I am finally starting chapter four, where it gets in depth into focusing on sales and promotion. I am very excited.

Helped a friend find a baby sitter last night and another start her baby sitting business at home. So last night was a busy night for me. I am happy. Let me know what you think of the two  bull dog pictures already posted. Would love to get feedback from you. It seems that between reading, drawing and creating and setting up all these internet connections, my days are flying by for sure. I can’t believe it is so late already.Some days just seem to fly. Got a question for you. Why is it time seems so far away looking forward, but when you look back it seems like 5 minutes ago? Time is definitely relative. If you get a chance check out my Christmas sales on Artfire and Zibbet, let me know what you think. Would love to hear your thoughts. My Monday started out just as busy and I am hoping the week is too, or even busier. Haven’t decided whether the next bull dog picture will be a drawing or a painting. I am sure you will be just as surprised as me when it is done.

Hope your week started out with a bang as well, in a good way of course. Have lots to do, so I got to run. Have a wink and a smile on me. All my love as usual, diana



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