Twitter And Other New Updates!

Well, another new weekend begins and I have been busy connecting all my networks together. I am sure that this is not the end of the process, but it will be a great beginning. Since I am new to this internet universe, it seems I am constantly stumbling (on accident) things that I could have done long ago, I just wasn’t aware it existed or how. Not a complaint, just one of the silly nuances of being me. No new artwork however, yesterday I did a lot of sleeping, part of my new beginnings and being more health conscious. Time to get healthy, need to cut down and finally quit smoking, lose weight and get the old me back again. Kind of an irony considering, I am on the verge of beginning and old me literally, now I want the old me back! Anyway, I picked up my lottery for the week, hoping that is good news. This month was looking hard and today, it seemed to get harder. But, I must keep the faith, when the time comes the money will appear!

Part of my adventures today was getting hoses for my heater core in the car. She is an oldie, but she has been very good to me. I told the universe in bed last night, I am due a new car. Not new to me, I mean a brand new car! So, as the saying goes, the check is in the mail. I have continued to read my book on Facebook advertising. It is like a college book. It will be a hefty read for sure. I can only hope it will help get a handle on being more internet savvy, and also more online business savvy as well. Wish me luck, I will be sure to keep you updated on how that goes as well. Always happy to help anyone who is looking for a way to make it. Tomorrow, time for artwork is mandatory, as I think the weather is supposed to be on the wet side. It may even begin tonight, take a break from the reading for a while.

The journey to finding myself seems to be going well, sleep escaped me last night, with only 2 hours of actual sleep. But, as I am still going strong, accomplishing a few more things is still possible. I feel great! Lots of energy, happy and the brain is very active. Kind of a shock really. So hoping you have a fun and safe Friday night, sending my love, diana

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