Harry Potter-Movies vs DVD

Well today I am asking the question that has bothered me for years. I am a Harry Potter fan, have read all the books watched all the movies and own all the DVDs . The burning question for me, is Why are the DVDs not the same as the movies? In every movie it seems there is more play time, in other words why do they cut them to make the DVD. I record the ones on the television, because there are parts in them that do not show up on my DVD. I own a lot of movies,like to listen to stories while I do my work. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, is not only the same as the movie, you get added cuts that did not make it to the movie. In other words you had the option to buy extended versions. It only seems fair that with Harry Potter, you should get the movie you saw in the theaters. If not it should say cut version! Just a point, it is almost like false advertising. If you have seen the movies than you know what I mean, so when I bought them, I assumed (don’t even get me going on that word), that I was getting the movie the way I had seen it.

For a long time,I just figured it was a gimmick to get me to buy some extended version later, well, it is later. What happened to all the cuts? If anyone can make sense out of this for me I would appreciate an answer. I do hope other movies do not follow suit, it would be a great disappointment, of a movie fan. I believe as a consumer I have the right to get the movie I previewed, not some cut version.

Anyway, I did finished a couple of paintings. One will be posted today. I am going to take a break from that and maybe do some sewing projects now, we will see how that turns out. First things first I have to sketch them out, make a blue print of sorts. Hoping all is well, and your week is starting out fun! Lottery tonight, so keep your fingers crossed for me, I have that kind of luck. People who do things for me are always blessed! Anyway, if you are playing good luck to you as well! Have a great evening and as always, love, diana

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