The Law, And A Few Other Things

Just wanted to say, on the Dateline Show from last night about Billy Wayne Cope. It is sad, sickening and disheartening to know how poorly our legal system can be at times. Reality is that nothing is perfect, but when something is  so blatantly wrong with the whole process that some one who is forced into implicating themselves, is not given the right to freedom, I don’t know just rambling I guess. It hurt me as a fellow human being to see that some one who was very obviously railroaded, lose his wife, children and freedom, and the system not even trying a little bit to make it right. I am sick to my stomach about it.

Years ago, I found myself on the screwed side of our justice system, actually more than once. Never for a criminal offense, but in divorce and in property court. I learned the true meaning of bend over sweetie, and no lube involved if you know what I mean. I have really lost faith in our system, I did all the right things,I told the truth and had documentation to prove all I was trying to get across. But my opponents were better actors, and they were very good liars, and they all were connected with the system in some way. No one cared, when I lost my home of ten years, and because of that my daughter had to move in with her father. I was up to date with my mortgage by the way, and the judge gave me a 15 day notice to evict, apparently, I was never served it. My attorney called in concern 3 days before to see how I was handling everything, and I did not even know it. Great system! It breaks my heart, lost everything and now I am having to start my life over with nothing, my back is ruined from working so hard as a younger person, and I have not been able to find a job that does not put me in harms way. Now, I am struggling to get a business going for myself, online and it is hard, but I am persistent and can only have faith that one day karma will give back to me what was stolen and return that pain onto those who stole it. I don’t wish that kind of destruction on anyone, it hurt so very much. So much more was lost in that battle, my belief in honesty and truth did not prevail. I find myself very guarded around any one, including law enforcement, no one cared about my rights, or my daughter’s rights, they did not care if it was just, or legal or ethical, they cared only about protecting one of their own. To this day I don’t share this with people(this is way out of character for me), but when I see a case like this, it tears me to pieces. Pain always has a way of creeping back and reminding us, my heart goes out to this man.

Maybe I am just too innocent, but I feel we should all treat each other like we would like to be treated ourselves. You know, The Golden Rule, doesn’t anyone abide by this anymore. Has our greed taken away all sympathy, empathy and kindness from our hearts? It is a sad and scary thought. These kinds of things remind me of Mr. Cofie in The Green Mile. He says, they kill them with their love, ironic that love is used so often as a weapon against those who cherish it. This is not a thing we should be remembered for in history.

Off the soap box I go, back to my art, so I can try to purge this sadness from my soul. I haven’t had a chance to check out my lottery today, but I will be sure to update you as soon as I can. Have a beautiful weekend, all my love, diana

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