America’s Got Talent?-I Vote Yes!

Well, just finished watching the final break down on America’s Got Talent, in most cases I agreed with the judges. Some of the acts they let go, were disappointing. I do not wish to spend my blog focusing on the  would, could heave and should haves of the show. I only want to point out that in America, we do have talent. I say kudos to those people who spend their lives trying to market their talents and gifts. I can understand the hard work and dedication, that is necessary. Unlike them I am not on a national program with my gift. The closet I would come, would probably The Next Great Artist. I however had never heard of it until it arrives on the television. I also enjoy that program, these shows inspire me on a bad day. They also give me ideas on how to greater expand the business, things I had not thought of to broaden my horizons.

I will say, I was disappointed to see the 17 year old boy go home, who flew the kite. I was truly awed by what he does, I secretly hope that some one finds a way to give him a platform. He is truly very enlightening to see! Good Luck To You! Back to business, I did finish the second painting to go with the first. It is highlighted on this blog, I hope you like it. To me they are a set, however, I do have them listed separately online. In these shops, it is hard for me to know, the best way to get a client base. I can only dream at this point that one day, luck will smile on me and I will have an opportunity to profit, from the thing I love the most! I am blessed that at this time, I am at least able to do what I love. If I did not have financial obligations, this would be enough. However, like most of you out there, bills keep coming, so unfortunately, I need cash, if only to buy more supplies to make my works of art. I have taken a break from all those needing therapy for now. Right now I am focusing on doing some serious cleaning and organization around the house, and of course, putting as much time as possible into making art. Luck can be a fickle friend, I do plan to take advantage of the opportunity for as long as I am able.

No lottery winnings to report this week, but tomorrow, I will be getting my tickets for the weekend, wish me luck! Not sure if baby sitting is on for the weekend, I have been off for two weekends so far. But I am sure some time tomorrow I will know for sure. It will be a nice surprise to see what they think of all the work I have done around here, they are so cute. Back to work for me, I do hope you have a wonderful evening. Smile, have fun and be blessed, that is my hope for you and yours this evening, all my love, as always, diana

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