The Therapist Is Temporarily Out Of Order!

Well, I have taken about five days off from the typical therapy sessions, with those friends of mine who seem to rely on me to exist. I needed a break and a break I am getting. The thing that sucks, is that my phone won’t stop ringing, and only one of them calls, kind of ridiculous. So sad that in this day and age I must resort to ignoring my phone just to get a break. Even sadder however, is that people don’t really get the whole phone educate thing. See when I was younger the rule of thumb was, you call, you leave a message and they call you back when it is convenient. If a few days pass and you do not get a call back, you try again, unless of course it is an emergency! Why call some one two, three, four times a day, for days on end. It isn’t as if I don’t like her, I enjoy moments of solitude. She is having problems with her meds, and took two weeks off of work, so now I am obliged to be her free therapist? I think not, if she needed to be around people constantly she should have gone back to work, I have expressed to her continually that the phone causes me pain, in the neck, literally. I had neck surgery once already and it hurts to be on the phone a lot. Lost week did me in, I have been on heating pads and ibuprofen, for days now, making it hard for me to work. I am sure you don’t want to hear this, I just wonder sometimes, if anyone else gets annoyed by people’s total selfishness, rudeness, neediness, and other bad habits.

Enough of that, well, still working on the second painting, trying to do some cooking and house work in between time outs for my neck, so this one is going slower than the first one. However, with any luck it will be done tonight and a new picture will grace my blog tomorrow. Tonight will have to be another oldie but goody. Speaking of tonight, wish hard for me to win the big lottery drawing tonight, I am so very ready, may car it seems is ready for retirement, I have no cash at this time, and no back up vehicle. A nice windfall of cash would definitely come in handy. I am sure by now most of you are back to work, if you did not return yesterday, and for those of you lucky enough to afford a vacation, have a great day for me! I will have my fun, even if it means I must live vicariously through some one else!

I have to say one of the shops, my new painting is getting a lot of attention, wish some one would just buy it already, the suspense it killing me. I secretly wanted to keep it all to myself, but as mentioned earlier, money is a necessity at the moment. The weather was brutally hot and humid today, felt like a warm up for hell. I am happily trying to cool off, now that the sun has sunken behind the mountains, and the house is so quiet, I could hear a bug crawl on the carpet. Now all I need is a good stiff drink, and it would be a perfect night for writing poems and philosophical thinking! Since that is not an option to the broke thing, I will continue to paint and look forward to the day I can have that mini vacation for me! Lots of love to you all as always, and please feel free to talk back, diana

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