Popping Flower Bouquet

Well, it is the day after the forth and all should be either back to work or recuperating, or maybe both. I have been working all morning on a new painting, partially inspired by the one I finished last night. I love this little painting so much! It will be a sad day for me when it is sold. But as of a few minutes ago, it is officially listed in my shops. So, not to leave you all out, I am now listing it on here for you to see as promised. Hope you like it, fun, flirty, colorful, vibrant and just plain awesome! At least that is how I see it, I would display it proudly in my house, but then again, I made it. That being a fact, it could mean that I am biased. Well, the only way to find out is for you to let me know what you think.

The lottery this weekend did not give me a payout, but there is always the next two, Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I would love to go shopping for art supplies! In other news, it is so hot, summer has truly arrived, and frankly I am ready for it to go away already. The heat is just stifling. If there were a pool near by I would wile away my days in the cool water, as it is I must resort to the ever familiar pastime, my art work.

I did not go to see fireworks, it is a vacation town and the traffic is horrid on an average day. No way I was going out on the holiday, so I recorded the fireworks on TV. The Macy’s/New York fireworks were unbelievable! I was so moved, it was a long show and the fireworks and music was touching. I even cried, got goose bumps and cheered along with the crowd. Bear in mind I am a softy for fireworks, and I may have already mentioned on here before I am childlike anyway. If not you know it now, these simple things move me tremendously. Now, the dream is to get rich and watch them in person next year! Hoping you all were safe and those you love as well. Wishing you even more happiness in the week ahead, as always, love, diana

PS. This is the new painting!

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