Sell, Sell, Sell And Happy Days!

Well, it is finally Friday! Today I dropped off the bracelets I made to sell at the flea market at a friends shop. There were a few there from the other day when I stopped in to show them to her, She bought one and has had a few inquiries, and one lady needed a special sized one. I am hoping she will come back since I could have made it for her, no problems, The shop manager (my friend) wasn’t aware that I would do that, so live and learn. I think now we have the bugs worked out, communication, communication, communication. All told she has about 74 to sell and it should be a busy weekend, so sell sell, sell! I hope they do well, she is a good friend and a good person in general, I appreciate her willingness to give me a try. I also dropped off a few canvases and some signed prints as well for her to display in her store. The price is right as far as rent goes, free!

Last night I also received an e-mail letting me know I had a sale in one of my online stores, for a signed print. That was very exciting! So today I made sure it was sent out to her. It is always nice to feel your work is appreciated and valued, no better feeling. Self worth goes a long way in a stressed out economy, and when decent employers and decent jobs are in short supply. The good news is it looks like slowly, my name will now be getting out there, I left a bunch of business cards with my friend, and have every confidence she will make sure to give them out. Finally, there is a flash of light in the dark clouds around me. A bright and sunny day is just around the corner, can’t wait! All and all it was a nice way to end a week.

Today as usual, I bought my lottery numbers for the next week. The dream to win it this year is still very strong indeed, good times for all. One of my best friends is also seeing a good luck streak arriving in her very near future. It seems since I met her, we have been on the same path as far as stress level, and just crazy luck. I have faith we will be over the hump in a minute and the sun will brighten our days. It is well earned, well deserved and will be well appreciated! I do hope to have a lucrative weekend, and I am hoping you have a fun weekend, and that we are all safe and blessed.  All my love, diana

PS. I think today I will paint, so some thing new to show you real soon!

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