Rolling With The Punches……

Well, today was another fun filled exciting day! Remember the friend that called and wanted to do the flea market thing this weekend? Well she called today, also remember she calls me her therapist, because she has some problems with depression, actually she is bi-polar, anyway she called to tell me she can’t make it. It was nice of her to call me before I reserved the booth, because honetly as busy as the market will be this weekend the last thisng I needed was to be at a flea market with ten year twins , trying to run a a booth by myself. Not that children that age are hard, but being I am responsible for them, it would be ridiculous to think I could care for restroom needs, food, drinks and all that in a market full of thousands of people. I can’t let them roam alone and leaving a booth with no one to watch it would be stupid, so that plan is now not a plan.

Funny thing though, right after I got off the phone with her, another friend called to talk to me about some other business possibilities. Through talking with her I had mentioned the bracelets I was working on for the flea market and she asked me to bring them to her shop, so she could see them. Long story short, she liked them and is going to run it by the owner and I think they may be carrying in her store for me, at no cost. I am not sure how much of a cut at this point, but she assures me it will be minimal, but no rent for sure. A very nice deal and it will not interfere with my prior obligations to the girls. So, she should be calling me back on Friday. One good news, replacing bad news, so a good day I think. Once I get the rest of the bacelets for the stare done, I will take a break and make some more artwork, until then, oldies but goodies will be on the blog. Still no lottery winnings, but I will keep you updated as time goes one.

Here is the weird part of the story of the friend who backed out on her own idea. She said the reason she couldn’t do the market is that she is so depressed, she can’t get out of bed and she definitely cannot make the drive. Quote “I just can’t handle it.”, she is just to stressed out. She has been off work for over a week and is not going back for another week, she wanted to do the flea market to make enough money to pay her bills, with all her time off, she needs the cash. Not to be mean, just asking, won’t she be more depressed when she is broke and can’t pay anything? The part that amused me most was, she then said she would be happy to come here and help me in any way she could, but she just can’t handle the drive, but let her know she will come to set up the booth or help in anyway possible. They wonder why I need breaks from them, really? Does anyone else think this does not make sense? Love her to death, but was glad when that call was over, my brain is confused, too funny! Not mad, just saying, thought I would share to see if anyone else found this as amusing as I did. Hope your hump day was fun, all my love to you, diana

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