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Rockin” And Poppin’ Saturday!

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Sorry I am so late getting on, been a busy, busy day! So far today I am washing my third load of laundry, working on a new drawing, in the process of making potato salad, almost done making home made hot pocket sandwiches, just finished making fresh wheat bread dough, made a loaf of home made banana bread, made steaks, potatoes, cucumber salad, hot mixed vegetables, doing a lot of dishes and talking to my daughter on the phone! Now that I am done with lunch, my only meal do far today, and have reached a minute to break, literally, I am on here to give you my little update for the day! After this and finishing the few tasks I have to wrap up, I will be back to working on my art and a nice bubble bath, and reading my Marketing On Facebook.

So, now that I have that off of my chest, hoping you all are having a great weekend so far! This week has been slow in sales, zero to be exact. I am continuing on my journey to maintain internet advertising, still a long way to go, I am sure. I really haven’t had as much time online as I would like to focus on advertising, and I am sure that hurt some, was so busy setting up some new sites. Now that the worst of the hard stuff is done, I can better balance my time again, on focusing on the push again. Like most people it is hard to find that balance sometimes, too much of one thing leaves little time for others. Hopefully after this weekend it will be back to the old grindstone for me. The drawings I have been working on this week have been tedious ones and are requiring a lot of time. In both cases days for one, considering the size, it is amazing, just lots of detail work. This wee, I think I want to switch gears on work in a different medium, sewing or crocheting, I haven’t decided yet. I just have a need to mix it up a little bit.

Nothing new on the lottery home front, still haven’t made my millions yet, but everyday is another day closer, one way or another! Wow, I am beat, no time for rest though still a lot to do, can’t sit for too long or I will not get done! I picked up some new batteries for my camera yesterday, so I will be able to load some of the bigger drawings on here, as soon as I get a minute, big smile. So, here is a funny quote from me today, a window into my silly world. Just got a new cell phone from a friend, pay as you go type of phone. My boyfriend called in to set it up, and was told he only had ten minutes on it. So when he gets off the phone he relays this message to me. My reply “When we get a minute, we will buy some!” Wish  that life were so simple. I could use a few more this week for sure. He laughed at me, I hadn’t even realized myself what I had said, I was so busy doing so many things. One day soon, I will share some more of my little sayings. I hear they are cute and funny, I just think they are my way of reflecting my own way of doing things. Guess thinking out of the box is not as common as I think it is! Love to you all today, stay safe, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Quantam Science And The Universe!

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Hello everyone! I am tired, been working a lot and now my sleeping schedule is all off. Staying up late working and then sleeping to late to get up early like I like! Nothing but a thing really, just need to get back on track! So, yesterday they had a marathon on The History Channel, of the program The Universe! Not sure if you have seen it obviously, but I have been following it for a while now. Ever since I watched it and realized that the same experts or at least many of the same experts scientists from all venues and other experts, I remembered from a movie called What The Bleep Do We Know.  If you ever get a chance to watch it, it is quite interesting. I had a professor in college who had us watch it as a project, it was a mind blowing experience for me. He called it the summation of Quantum Physics in tow hours, it took him eight years to learn. It is a fascinating science, that sums up so much of what science in school left out! it takes the basic laws of Physics and goes to the next level by incorporating The Observer ( the entity, spirit, energy or self that controls the body and equals it to me driving my car), the concept of multiple plains of existence, challenging our concepts of space and time relativity. It stretches out our sense of reality, pushes us to better understand our concept of what is real and the power we have to control that reality! It is an amazing movie, if you have not seen it, I highly recommend it!

The History channel has for five seasons (this is the beginning of the fifth), is doing what I consider a spin off called The Universe. It basically has these scientists and many more approach the concepts of Physics and Quantum Theory and educate you on these theories in relation to the universe. They cover everything from stars, quasars, black holes, The Big Bang Theory, planets and their formation, galaxies, life and so much more. These concepts are presented in a way that even a child could grasp the way these concepts work! It is a great program, full of information and knowledge, but also fun, especially if you like science or understanding the processes of life and creation at all. In the eastern time zone it will be on at 10 pm on Thursday nights, like I mention last night was the first one for this season. If these kinds of things interest you at all check out your provider and check it out! Here is a link for some clips on Utube;

as for the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?, here is a link to check it out as well;

Now back to my life for a moment, I am sure there will be more to come, since looking up those links I have discovered there are possibly more movies for me to watch, I saw, part one, two, four, etc…. I need to check that out as soon as I get some cash. This week no sales so far on any of my sites, but I am still studying my book and working very hard on all of it as well as trying to work on my art and keep the house clean, pay bills and just keep up with daily life. No big lottery news to share, what a bummer! Hoping you are having a good week, and have a fun and safe Friday! All my love, diana

Oh and I forgot this is the drawing I did, inspired by the poem Invictus, really love that poem, I want to frame it to remind me and give me strength!!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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The Battle Against Weariness, Stress And Frustration!

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Feeling overwhelmed financially can be the worst. Today is starting out too early and with too much negative news. My car which is old, is leaking at the rear seal. My internet shops are still barely moving. I still have no job.After staying up late last night trying to work on an art project, I was woke by a phone call from my daughter who is going through tough times right now, very early this morning, so not enough rest. That is an easy fix, maybe a nap later to get back on track.The hard part will be not letting myself worry, so I can stay focused and find a solution to all the other stuff, so I can sleep!

It seems that all the worrying gets left to me. I am working so hard trying to make a business for myself since work is so hard to find, and now it has become critical. Driving a vehicle in the shape mine is in right now, could leave me with out a car all together, something definitely has to give. Too many problems at once, makes it harder to isolate just one, and get on a plan to recovery. To simplify, the business needs to make more money, but that is completely dependent on other people, that makes it scary. I have never been good at putting my life in other peoples hands. Relinquishing power to anyone is extremely difficult for me. Basically it boils down to trust issues. So today will be a tough one for me, lots of problem solving to do, and trying to focus on faith and hope to make things better! It will be an interesting day for sure! Curious to see how this one plays out. It would be easier for me, if every person I counted on in my life previous hadn’t completely bailed on me.

Today is a new day, I have no choice but to find a way, and find it I will! I am bound and determined to make things happen for the good, and I will work my fingers to the bone, not sleep, not eat or whatever it takes to make it happen. I refuse to go down, this is unacceptable! Coffee to wake up, and time to think, get a game plan, and then it will be 100 miles an hour to the next step. The lottery did not win for me last night, so that means it is my obligation to make things right! I will succeed, I will make it happen, I will make it better! This has always been my motto, and will continue to be until, I am unable to move or make a breath! Hoping you are having a wonderful day, and that your week is off the a wonderful start! All my love to you, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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A New Coviction, A New Life!

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Just saw the movie Invictus, what a great movie! I love the poem and am inspired by it. Thought I would share it for those of you who haven’t read it, and those that have a reminder of how powerful it is! Hoping your weekend is going great! I have been busy working on a new shop I will share with you. It is on Zazzle and I can put my prints on t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters and all kinds of cool things! I am excited, it is on this blog, if you get a chance look it up and let me know what you think. Love hearing from you.

Anyway, got to get back to work. Nothing exciting on the lottery yet. Haven’t got on the charity book yet, still in process. As soon as I find out, you will be the first to know. Love to you as always, diana


by William Ernest Henley; 1849-1903
Out of the night that covers me,Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may beFor my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstanceI have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chanceMy head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tearsLooms but the horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the yearsFinds, and shall find me, unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate;I am the captain of my soul.

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The Movie Old Guys And Something New!

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Okay, well I rented the movie Old Guys, watched it twice last night (partially because I work and watch tv), but it was really funny! I will be buying it, love, love love it! Robin Williams and John Travolta make a great Odd Couple (old tv show, for those of you too young to remember), they play very well off of each others comedy styles. If you haven’t seen it, and you love to laugh, you have got to see this movie.

As I mentioned I was working, still trying to learn how to do watercolors. Definitely a new technique for me. Especially odd for me, since my style of choice is more abstract. But, as you will see over the next few days, I don’t think I am doing to bad at it. Keep in mind, this is new to me. They will be appearing in these blogs, so you can give me your critique, advice, comments or whatever you choose to say. Hope you like them, it has been really fun trying a new media, and since I am experimenting, learning to mix media as well. The charity art for the bulldog is coming to a close, we have decided on a book for charity. Once I have the final details, I will be sure to post it here, that way if you are interested or know some one else who might be, you can have that information available.It is a good cause, we ar starting a new one, with butterflies for Lupus, in August. So stay tuned in for updates on that charity as well.

Also, I have been looking into starting a new store on a site called Zazzle. On this site, people can buy T-shirts, ties, coffee mugs, posters, cards and all kinds of things, even skate boards and shoes with art printed on it. I am looking forward to setting this up, and seeing what the response is to it. Once I get her up and running you will be the first to know! Hope you like it. Haven’t had a chance to check my lottery yet, still trying to get some work done this weekend, always lots to do. There will be an update soon, for those of you who wait with baited breath to know! Hoping you are having a fun and safe weekend! All my love, as usual, diana

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Almost Friday, A Sale Plus Updates On A Few Other Things!

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Well, I am so very happy it is almost Friday. Thrilled that the weekend is finally right at the door and ready to enjoy it. I am sure that seems weird, since I am not working outside the home. But, even with staying home the weekends always feel different than the other days. Not sure what it is, I don’t go out, nothing like that, but the days feel more fun to me. Must be a psychological thing, but it is true. Checked on the lottery last night now winner yet. So, tomorrow, I will be getting my picks for the next week, wish me lots of luck, need it ( not that you don’t, but I would do it for you)!Wishing you happy thoughts now, just for topping in.

I am working on a painting right now, no clues it will have to be a surprise this time. It just feels good to be playing with my paints again. I am feeling the crochet or sewing bug though, just not sure what I want to make. Maybe, I should replace the black lace vintage style gloves I sold earlier this week! That could be a good idea. Oh, and guess what, had another sale last night, but the best news is this one was on my Artfire account! This is the first sale in that store, all the others so far have been in ETSY. Now, if that will only get that account jump started I would be so very happy! Then, I just need to get my Zibbet account going, that is the store with the most hits, and I would be thrilled to see it take off as well. Wow, so keep your fingers crossed for me the weekend is here! I have high hopes for a profitable weekend!

Well, that is the latest on the most exciting news. I did get an e-mail back from AskDoctors about my little experience. Their advice to take a pregnancy test and get an appointment with a doctor. So, being broke really is the worst part about me. I do not have money for a pregnancy test and definitely do I have hundreds of dollars to spend at a doctor. So, for now, I will grin and bear it. Pray hard, and hope with a hope beyond hope, that I will stay healthy and all will be good! Love to you all, hoping your Thursday is as happy as you are, diana

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Etopic Pregnancy vs. Menopause And A Few Other Things!

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Well, this is a doosie! I am not even sure how to begin. Assuming we are all grown ups here, I AM Late! I was due my normal cycle at eh 3rd or 4th week of June and it did not happen. Now, here’s the deal, I am forty-seven and I have no tubes. Several years ago, two years in a row I had tubal pregnancies. So, logically that would mean menopause, right? Since I have never been through menopause, I can’t be sure of the symptoms. Of course, I have read some things about it and seen a program or more on shows like Oprah, Good Morning America, and The View, or some other shows. Needless to say, I am not completely ignorant. My symptoms, seem to be more like pregnancy ones however. Yet, I was told years ago, that it was highly unlikely and virtually impossible! Hence my confusion, if you have followed me at all, you would know that I am unemployed on top of all that. No insurance, no husband, and trying with all my might to get my art career going with no money to start it with. Just lots of good old fashioned hard work, reading, learning etc… I am trying to keep panic at  bay, trying to be rational, and once again trying to do some research online. I Got Nothin’, just a joke. Most of the sites on the internet, tell you pregnancy is not possible without IVF( Invitro-Fertilization). Anyway, spell check is now dogging me, sorry if the spelling is off, so is my mind right now, please forgive me.

This brings another thought to mind. So many people are able to find out all kinds of things online, and yet every time I look, I get nothing. Obviously nothing is extreme, it seems to be less than, versus more than. Obviously there is some kind of a knack to internet research, that up until now I am lacking. If there is any advice, comments or in general hope you can or wish to offer,I will welcome it. My mind is exhausted and reeling all at the same time. A distraction would do me good, or conversation or interaction of any sort.

Lottery checked last night, no winner ( boy could I use the money now!!!)!But there is always tonight, we shall see. Haven’t worked on any art, been very sleepy and trying to read up on the Facebook phenom. I will do some work today, not sure what form it will take, my right hand is still swelling from all the drawing this weekend, with the Bull Dog pictures. But as promised, I will post all three and let you judge for me which one should be submitted for the calender or now they are talking a book for charity. Would love to know what your thoughts on any of these topics are. Hope your hump day is a hum dinger, full of silliness today, sorry about that. Just trying to stay sane and happy, in this crazy minute of my life! As always, love from me to you, diana

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