Flea Markets, Braids And More From The Doktor

Well to day I have been busy making some braided bracelets and anklets, The original plan was to make some for my girls. They turned out nice so I thought, well I will make a few more and see how they do online. By about 11:30 am, my phone rang and one of my free clients ( If you haven’t read before, they all call for advice and really they jokingly call me their therapist), anyway she called to see if I would be interested in splitting a booth at the flea market this weekend. We do live in a tourist area and the flea market should do well for the forth of July weekend, or so we hope. It is tentative, based on whether we can still get a booth inside, I do not want to swelter in the heat. So, she is calling the manager at the market on Thursday to sign us up for an indoor booth. Neddless to say. I have spent the day making even more of these cute little bracelets, in the hopes since they are inexpensive and so very colorful, I can sell some this weekend as well/ As far as I know, I am still going to babysit for the twins as well, so it will be quite busy for me. The plan is to take my stone jewelry, the braided jewelry, paintings, and prints of my drawings. There will be a spot set up for me to work on my artwork while there and also take orders of the drawings that have no prints available at this time.

Should be fun, hopefully she won’t make me mad, as the British say. She lives far so I have even offered to let her spend the night for a few nights so she doesn’t have to drive so far everyday. Apparently I am already crazy, huh? Well, so be it, she will be helpful with the girls, she adores them. She is also a very good sales person, if any one can sell my stuff she surely can.

Finally some one is coming over to check on the shower in my apartment, the neighbor came by a few nights ago, actually while I was typing out a blog. She said her ceiling was full of water, it seems my shower is leaking and into her apartment. The real estate company in charge of these apartments is moving to another location and seems to be forgetting I want my shower back. Now, don’t run away,I am not smelly, there are two here, my point is I pay for two and rent is due, well I shouldn’t have to pay for two baths if I can only use one! Apparently when put that way , they decided to come check it out tomorrow, in the morning. Hopefully they will have it fixed before all the company arrives this weekend, or that could be difficult and probably annoying. Well, besides all that, things have actually been quiet, been busy making things, since clean up is on hold, till all this messy stuff is over with. There is no point in doing it twice! I still want to wash the walls, but I have to decide which rooms will not be affected by the fix it crew. Hoping you are having a great start on a holiday week. In case you are going away, please be safe on this 4th of July weekend, and as always, love, diana


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