Back On Track, Don’t Look Back!

Well, I took a break from cleaning last night and started on another drawing. This afternoon I finished it. Just a nice pencil piece, about 18″ x 24″, but really pretty. It was a nice change, always working with color, and switching it up, by going back to basics. It is very pretty, something you could put anywhere, but my original thought was how good this would look in a bay’s room. Just remembering back to having little ones at home, and I wanted to relive that felling again, baby on the way and all. Happy moments, scary, exciting, nervous and feeling blessed. So, I thought, what would I like to put in a babies room. Something that they could grow with, and would work anywhere else in the house later, kind of a sweet dreams, and good morning piece all in one! Hope you like it, would love to hear back from you too.

Well, it worked, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was hoping that by distracting myself in house work, that I would get inspired and also, lose the gloom. I definitely found inspiration, and am feeling much better and stronger, I am going to be more assertive about how much therapy I can offer friends a day, and make more time for me to do the things I need to do and want to do. I realized that it wasn’t the issue of being needed that was overwhelming me. It was the stress of not making time for me. So, working on the house, organizing things so I can find them and taking time out to priss a little and indulge in being a girl, has helped me get back on track. Obviously, it is not complete yet, but I am on the right path. Therefore I must remain focused and maintain, there is no room for compromise, and those who don’t understand it, well sorry to say will have to get over it, or go away. Hoping you had a wonderful weekend, I know I enjoyed mine for sure.

Well a friend of mine who calls me to tell me how depressed and upset she is about things, did an odd thing this weekend. Here is how it went, she was having a playdate, with the twins I usually watch on the weekends. She sent along with the twins mom, another friend of mine gifts. She sends me a t-shirt, knowing I do not wear them, with a note attached. “Here is a t-shirt, I really want you to wear this, because I do all the time, and it carries my positive energy. If you aren’t going to wear, please send it back.” So, guess what I am going to do? Send it back, hopefully the irony of this little note is not lost on you. If however, you don’t understand, she calls me everyday with drama, and stress, she is one of the people that has been stressing me out. So, I guess that is really like two ironies, one that she is the cause and can help by leaving me some space, and two that how does she think this shirt is carrying positive energy, when she calls me daily or more to tell me how stressed out she is. Anyway, people are funny, that is all I have to say. It is amazing how clueless we can be sometimes, to think with all here meds for depression and all the doctors she sees for depression, stress and everything else, how can she say she is positive and sends out positive energy? Would love to ask her, but I am sure that is going to have to wait for a good day! Have a wonderful Monday, as always, here is my love, diana

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