Getting Rid of Glum, In The Summer Sun!

Well, as per the title, I have been suffering from a persistent bout of glum. Not a fun thing for sure, breaks the golden rule for me. So, I have been busy this week cleaning and cooking and baking and anything active I could do to shake it. This I do know about me I love a clean house and I love good food. So, since my artistic abilities have been on hold, I switched gears and went for the house and after a few days of slowing getting things organized I am starting to feel more like myself. I have been struggling for so long with trying to make money and focusing on my work (art, crafts) and to no avail. I have also been running around trying to find a job and no luck there either. I was getting depressed, caught myself getting teary eyed a few times this week, and that snapped me back into reality. There is nothing fun or cute about being depressed or tearful! So, I had to do something.

My counseling for myself was to do something that would reward me and not shoot me down. So, I drug out the cook books and when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I resorted to my imagination and whipped out some really good recipes, and that was good for an instant shot of feel good. My boyfriend was so happy, which made me happier, he told me I should share  my recipes on here. Not so sure if you are interested, if you are let me know and I will be happy to do that. I made a wonderful banana pudding to use up some bananas that were getting a day or two shy of having to be trashed and it is awesome, Home made pudding over the stove, nothing better. I also make a great blueberry cake, I wanted cupcakes, but no paper cups. I went ahead and put it in a tube pan, and it was wonderful, very moist, and full of flavor, no frosting, just a simple cake to have with coffee. Tonight I made a wonderful steak sandwich, with some tenderloin I got on sale, for $5.99, I baked it medium and sliced it on bagels with romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing, it was so tasty and refreshing for a hot summer day.

I was hoping to do a heavy cleaning in the bathrooms tomorrow, but I will have to delete one, since my neighbor downstairs just popped in to tell me her ceiling is all wet, sounds like the pan is broken, so no water in there for a few days. I did not receive any sales off of the highlight on the shop I mentioned prior to my little vacation from blogging, but I did get a few hot listings, that hopefully will lead to sales later. No big lottery winnings to share either, but I am not giving up! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, and I have missed my postings. As always, all my love to you all, diana

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