Lottory Is In The Air, And So Much More!

This morning I started out my day with a call from my daughter. She was having a lot of dreams last night and in one of them she dreamed some one gave her a check for a million dollars. Which I thought was ironic considering that my goal is to win the big lottery jackpot this year. Nice thought to start out the week, considering how draining last week was for still, still trying to recuperate. I also had to go check on a job one of my friends referred to me today, and ended up checking on two. Funny thing is they both gave em the same answer, really! “We just hired 3 or 4 people and just don’t know how many we will need yet, for now we have plenty of help.”, hum, more irony. I have decided not to get depressed, because no one wants to hang out with some on who is depressed and gloomy. This is not to say we don’t on occasion, just saying it isn’t any fun. That breaks one of my two rules to live by.

1. Always have fun!

2. Always look cute!

Keeps things so much simpler for me. The simple life definitely the way to go. Being depressed is not cute and definitely not fun. Breaks both rules, so that cannot happen, see how simple that is.

I slept a lot today, think it is my body’s way of recuperating from the stress from last week, so I rested, even though all I wanted to do was work. I cant tell you how many times I pulled out my art supplies, and then put them away. It seems that I can’t concentrate, too much going through my head. So tonight I plan on taking it easy and letting my body rest. Tomorrow’s game plan is to do some deep cleaning around the house that I have neglected from working so very hard. I am sure after all that my brain will be a flurry of ideas and all will be well. I will continue to look for work, but apparently God has some plan here I am not getting. I have never had any difficulty finding work, and lately it is a big problem. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket is my motto for a while now. So I keep doing the housework, and keep looking for work, doing my art, promoting my art and continue to get a better handle on this thing we call the internet. If something new pops up, then I will not be afraid to see if that pans out, a quote from a movie I think, pops into my head it goes something like this. “Something big was about to happen…..”, can’t remember the rest. That is the energy I feel around myself for a long time now, always on the edge of my seat. So the only plan I have is to make sure I am ready when it happens, so that I don’t hit a brick wall screaming for help! Because as I explained before that would not be cute or fun.

No news on the big lottery win, tonight is not a draw night, so that will have to wait. As for my art, I think I mentioned haven’t been able to work so something old will have to fill in for something new, sounds like a wedding, huh? That is not in the present future I assure you, don’t have time for that at all. I did have a weird weekend, I did mention that my Artfire shop was to be highlighted today and the next two days. Nothing has panned out there, still a lot to learn about this great beast the internet and internet sales I think. But, on the flip side, this blog had a very good day on Sunday, triple the usual viewers, that was nice to see. I would have loved to got a comment, but apparently, I wasn’t note worthy enough, or they were the quiet type. Would love to here from you, and hoping you have a wonder week, as always, love, diana

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