Therapy For Free And Other Commentaries!

Last night I received a call from a previous co-worker. She talked for a few the usual how are you, what have you been up to and that sort of thing. After a few minutes she started asking me about some issues she was having at work. Basically, money missing from the cash drawer sort of thing. So, we talked for a while and I gave her a few sound suggestions on how to deal with the issue, asked a few questions to find the range of possibilities, one being the computer system had been crashing a lot as of late. Based on the fact the there were several new hires, too many people working out of one drawer and the remote possibility that the computer may be having issues, I gave her this advice.

1. Isolate one person per drawer, and when a lead person goes into the drawer document the exact amount of money taken, detailing the exact bills received. When putting change in the drawer, also document the exact amount of singles, change rolls given.

2. Fro her purposes also document every sale, by the money received from the costumer and also the exact change given, by number of singles, fives ect…

3. Keep a careful eye on the new hires to make sure they know how to give change. Unfortunately, too many people are not able to count back change, their math skills seem to be nonexistent.

My thoughts being that first of all it could rule out any computer issues. Secondly, it would cover her butt by showing her cash counts thereby eliminating her as shorting the cash drawer,

I thought it was good advice, it would be what I would do in a similar situation. The funny part of the story is that while I am on the phone with her, my neighbor is sitting on my couch ( pun intended) waiting for me to be done with my girlfriend so he can ask my advice on his personal life. Then to beat all another friend of mine called in on my call waiting also wanting my advice on issues she is having at work. I find it incredibly amusing that so many people seek my advice, however it is extremely draining. The most amusing part is I feel like a shrink with out a salary! I am thinking something has to give there. All of my life people have sought my advice, and respected it. A wonderful gift and yet sometimes I feel under appreciated. It seems when I have problems, no one wants to hear it, and I understand that very well, this is no pity party. It is just so out of balance, I would love to either get paid for it, or have equally knowledgeable friends to be there for me when I need it. My joke of the day is to start a blog called Doktor Diane, because I am not a doctor, but feel like it sometimes! Any input good or bad on this topic or any other of my posts is most welcome, I read them and answer them.

As an update, I haven’t won the lottery just yet, but I am sure it is coming. I got a lead about a job, from one of my friends and I will be checking it out on Monday. Wish me luck, I need new art supplies! Speaking of art I finished another drawing and now have the pictures to share with you. More sunflowers as I promised, more lighthearted than the last set. Hope you enjoy it, as always, much love to you, diana

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