Firey Sunflowers On A Hot Summer Day!

Well, it is finally Thursday and payday is just around the corner. I started today where I left off last night, finishing a drawing of sunflowers that really reflect the heat of the day, the look like they are on fire! It turned out really nice and I am thinking of doing another one, with less read and maybe adding some green for contrast, ever the lover of color and contrast, sometimes a subject grabs me and I have to play with it a couple of different ways. So once I am done here off I go to start another project. Hope you like it, it is again on the odd shaped paper, so you will find a camera shot and two scans to show the whole piece. Since it is approx, 6″ x 24″ there is no way for me to scan the whole piece together, but at least it gives closer view than the camera version.

I also received a couple of books I ordered from Amazon last week ans well as my order for Charlies soap. If you have never used this washing soap, you should really try it, very environmentally savvy and ultra cost efficient, plus, unless you get the five gallon bucket, it comes in a small 2 pound bag, and there is enough soap for eighty loads of wash! Only a tablespoon per load, and no need for a fabric softener, I love it. My daughter recommended it to me a few months ago and sent me some, and I am hooked.

As per the books I ordered, one was Google Blogger, by Wei-Meng Lee, it had a lot of things I have already learned trial and error through blogging, but also some really good tips, the majority of the book is shots of how the pages look so it was a breeze to read through. I learned some new things for sure and also gained a better understanding of how blogs in general work. For a newbie to blogging I think it is well worth the money to buy. I also purchased a used copy of Starting An Online Business For Dummies, by Shannon Belew and Joel Elad. What a monster, this one could take a while, keeping up a home, making art, running tow blogs, four online shops, it will be a while before I can give a final judgment on its benefits. I will however put things on here that I find interesting along the way. I need all the help I can get to get more internet savvy, like the younger generation, got to learn how to compete in a world that is more difficult for me to maneuver in. My update for my lottery numbers is that last night I got the power ball number, as in just one number and it pays $3 according to their website. There won’t be another drawing till tomorrow night so further updates will be in a couple of days. Hope you like the drawing and also that you are having a great day, all my love, diana

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