The Dragon And The Lady

Well, i finished the dragon. I am a little confused as to whether I should add back ground, which is what I usually do. I have decided for the time being to leave it as it is, I am afraid if I add to it, I will lose the dramatic look of the dragon. It has an oriental feel to it, so maybe one day some other oriental embellishments may be added. I did promise to post when I finished and keeping my word here it is. Like the post from yesterday it is an odd shape of approx. 6″ x 24″, so there is a full picture done with a camera and two scans to show a close up of the top and bottom halves of the drawing. So far my day has been very quiet, only one call so far and one drop in, so I was able to get it finished quickly, which suites me happily. So, now I am off to start on another project, haven’t really decided what it will be yet. To be truthful, there isn’t even an idea present, but that is okay with me. Most of my work comes just from staring at a blank piece of paper anyway. I am excited to see what comes up next!

I hope your day is a fun as mine is. Watched a few flashes of the news and am saddened for all those suffering right now with all the flooding. My heart is still broken for all the people and animals affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf as well. I really want my artwork to start selling, it would give me great pleasure to start donating a portion of every purchase to help fund clean ups and rescue efforts in these areas. My body may not be able to do the work, but I hope to be able to make some money to contribute in any way I can. It would make my heart happy to be helping. I have already been doing some research into groups that help in sea life along the coast, I guess I need to figure out what groups are helping with relief efforts in the flood zones. If you have any suggestions, critiques or comments feel free to leave them for me. I will read them and post them, and more often then not I do reply.

Have a wonderful evening, and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. All my love to you and to those you love, diana

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