Paper Skies And Dragons That Fly

Well, today I am going to try to finish this dragon I started working on yesterday. Dragons are very fascinating creatures and there are so many versions of what they look like. This will only be my second attempt, and it is okay at this point, I would like to get better at it however. Practice makes perfect, and so I must do what I must to work that out. If I am lucky it will turn out well and encourage me to make another one, if not I will let it lie for a while and brave it at another time. I haven’t decided what to do with the sky around the dragon yet, hoping it will speak to me as I continue to work on it, thought about leaving the paper around it plain, it is so hard for me not to fill the paper up though. So the dilemma becomes paper sky or colored sky and if colored how?

Today my neighbor will be coming by to work with me, he has his own project and coincidentally  is an artist as well. He has been drawing his whole life, and never followed through to becoming an artist, just did it to decorate his own space and occupy his time. Today he wants to come and color with me, like a play date, but more on a five year old level, no hanky panky of any kind. For those of you with your minds in the gutter, save your fantasies for another blog. Anyway, I would love to finish today as I also want to get as much of my new artwork in my store fronts, because my artfire shop is going to be highlighted in a few days. I am excited about it, but also so nervous, I want everything to be just right. Wish me luck or send a prayer, whatever good vibes you can send my way will be greatly appreciated.

Also new lately, both of my daughters have been trying to get me to move to their resident states. Both girls were born in Florida, but one currently resides in New Hampshire and the other is now living in Texas. I am sure I have brought it up before, anyway, lots of phone calls trying to make plans for me to visit so I can check it out for myself and see what will work the best for me. I am very excited, always ready for a new adventure, kind of like my dragon  on a paper sky, never know how it will end up, but always exciting! I forgot again to get my numbers yesterday, must have been a Tuesday, it seem like that is always the worst day for me to get out, I guess I will have to just start buying on Friday for all the drawings and that way I won’t have to worry about forgetting.   Has anyone watched the new show The Next Great Artist, produced by Sara Jessica Parker? I really like it, it is so fun for me to see the different techniques they use to produce their art, and the diversity of each artists interpretation of the assignments they are given. Would love to know what you think about any of this, the dragon, the move, the show, the lottery, whatever you think, with all my love, as always. diana

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