Squares With Dots And Back With Knots

Well, I am back so sorry it took so long. Friday I went and had myself set up with glasses, so that was a crazy and busy day for sure. Early to bed and all that and then the weekend was here and I had to babysit for the twins. Carlie and Chloe, are ten and so full of energy, but also extremely well behaved. So I was very busy with them, and by the tie they left I was too tired to do any work, plus Saturday night my room mate was off work so we hung out together for a while. It was a fun weekend, just not so productive, which for me is a lot like torture. I do my best to suck it up and try to make it fun for those around me, but my brain is constantly going in circles, trying to get me to do something! I did survive however and yesterday I finished an abstract picture I started working on Sunday night. It is posted here for you to see. Just thought you deserved an explanation for my absence.

So this drawing is small squares with dots in them. I have a smaller version in a painting I had done and really loved the effect. Using opposite colors, it makes your eyes go nuts, but in a good way. It is hard to explain, but here goes, it feels like your eyes are rapidly going back and forth, a fast speed vibration. Probably doesn’t sound pleasant, but it actually it really cool, and the colors are so fun you can’t stop looking at it. So you look till your eyes freak out and then you can’t help but look at it again, kind of like that old Lay’s potato chip commercial, can’t have just one. My neighbor came by yesterday and he loved it. He could not take his eyes off of it. Any way it is here for you to see, not sure the picture does it justice, but it is all I can share online. Well I scanned it as well, it is an odd shape, something like 6″ x 24″, but really cool. so I will post the camera picture so you can get a feel of the shape and the two scans I made to see the colors better.

As you may have guessed I did not win the big lottery this weekend, because knowing me I would have mentioned it by now. It will happen, I have also been getting lots of news from my girls, who both want me to come live with them, one is in Texas and the other is in New Hampshire, so unless I have a twin I don’t know about I am not sure how to pull this one off. Cutting myself in half might work, but then I would not be ( some humor to help me get through)! Hoping your week has started out with great success and lots of fun, and with always lots of love, diana

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