Lotto Wins And New Eyes!

I left the house this morning to go pay some bills and get some well needed glasses. With my love of drawing and painting, especially the tiny detail work it has been quite difficult with my vision fading. Mostly the irony of it irritated me. I love to do art to help me distress, but being unable to see what I was doing was stressful. Silly, huh? Anyway, once I went to the bank to put money in to pay for a charge I put on last night. I am a big fan of Charlies Soap, and they are having a good sale on it. Really good stuff, and incredibly cheap. Anyway, after we went to the car, it kept stalling, apparently running out of gas. So we got her across the street and filled her up, so while I was waiting I bought a couple of lottery scratch offs. Well, one was for $20 and the other won me $500, so they did not have enough cash to pay it out. I bought some gas and cigarettes, and also bought mu quick picks for tonight and tomorrow night as well. Then I bought two more scratch offs, I then won another $20 and $250! Great way to start off the day! Hopefully my luck is finally going my way.

So I went and bought two pairs of glasses, I just needed reading glasses. One to wear and another have a back up in case they get misplaced or something. It made me feel so granny looking. Getting older is full of adventures, but getting used to looking different is definitely the weirdest part for me. I left and bought some art supplies and got a nice lunch. I am so very excited. It was a really good day! So wish me luck tonight for the big win, I need all the good wishes possible.Not sure if I have to babysit tomorrow, still trying to figure out what my weekend will look like.  I will do my best to keep you informed especially if I win!!

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend, I am going to go play with my new stuff now. I will post anything I make as usual, and I hope my excitement doesn’t keep me from being creative. Wishing you lots of love and lots of luck this weekend, as always, Diana

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