The Rising Sun

Well, I woke up today before the sun rose to get ready for my job interview. I know I mentioned yesterday, that today I would be checking on a job that a friend recommended me for. Yesterday went wonderful, I met the immediate supervisor, for a laundry position ( a real stoop for me), and she loved me. She went to call her boss and let him know she was going to hire me, and low and behold his son, who also works there, called him and said now way. Now keep in mind he hadn’t even met me, so she told me to come in today and speak to the owner personally, because she felt once he met me it would be great. So, I did as requested and he refused to see me. This job was only supposed to be a temporary position until October, when season slows, so I figured it would be fine for now and give me funds to work on getting my art business going. But apparently I put on the application, just cause it was easier to remember, that the last couple of jobs I quit in March a total coincidence, and he felt that I would quit in March, so I was not hire material. Now correct me if I am wrong, if indeed I was the kind of person who always quit in March, what difference would it make if they are laying me off in October. Technically I wouldn’t be working in March to quit anyway, right? Just a thought, as silly one maybe, people amaze me.

So ego wounded, I came home and decided that I don’t want to work for anyone who is so shallow, that he won’t even meet me, after I took two days out of my life to prove I really wanted the job.That’s right, he refused to even see me for himself and give me a chance to explain the situation. The reasons were quite legitimate. One of the jobs a man was openly allowed to stalk me and harass me, and my supervisors thought it was funny. One actually said to me and I quote ” Maybe he is a Hannibal Lector and wants to make a skin suite out of you!”, while he laughed at his funny. Then to further make me feel unheard and unappreciated, they actually awarded this man who stalked me with an award for being an exemplary employee at our monthly meeting, because he got along so well with others. Call me crazy, thought that was a good reason to leave. The other job, was high pressure sales not me, and the third one (there were only three), was because the managers boyfriend, who has been to prison for accessory to murder threatened my life. I went to the owner, he talked to my manager and she said I was just trying to start trouble. Like she was going to admit it. Would love to hear what you think of that. I am okay, I know I am an excellent employee and am holding the faith that God knew this guy was a jerk and I did not need to work at another messed up job.

On a lighter note, I did not win the lottery yet, just checked my numbers, but I am still sure it will happen, I just hope it is soon. I am also, focusing on my art, it seems no matter what I do, doors are not opening in the workforce for me. I am realistic enough to know that many people are feeling the crunch as well, so it isn’t about poor little old me. I also realize that some times some things are just not meant to be and I can’t take everything personally. So to me it was a sign and I will move forward, the place I need to be will appear. Life is full of surprises, and sometimes the obvious answer is not the right answer. Thinking outside the box is a good skill to have. I am skilled at that, and one day the light bulb will come on and I will move forward in the direction I need to go. Hope you had a wonderful day and as always, lots of love, diana

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