Hey Dolly!

Tuesday has arrived, I did remember to get my lottery today for a change! It is easier to win I hear if you actually play. What a concept! I have been working on a copper wire doll since yesterday, drawing was inspirational at all, had to switch gears, since this is something I don’t usually do, actually my first one, it is taking a while. I will work on it some more today and can only hope to finish it soon. Life as usual is pressing on me and it is hard to keep up sometimes.

This morning I went on a job interview and tomorrow I will have to go back. It seems the last few jobs I have quick in March and I never even saw that, it is purely a coincidence, however I guess explanations are due if I want the job. It is not a glamorous job, just laundry primarily and some light housekeeping at a local hotel. However it is a paycheck and being a starving artist is no fun. Hopefully on day that will not be the case and hopefully my neck will survive another stint of employment. I am concerned, but paying bills is so stressful and money is a requirement for that activity. I feel very helpless and drained. I have been working so hard to get myself out there and nothing seems to budge. I am working full time, just to stay optimistic and hope that with my lottery wins this year, hint, hint, hint, or just plain determination with my art will pay of soon so I can have the life I always dreamed of. I am aware that so many of us struggle with the day to day, and many also work very hard to make there dreams a reality, that I do not want pity. Empathy is good, I think we all can relate to trying in desperation to set our lives on track, in this day and age especially it is the human condition.

There is no new art to post, so once again I rely on the large quantity of finished art that has not been posted just yet. Hope you enjoy this painting, I like moons too, not just suns. We all have to be versatile, a little humor on my part. Obviously, I am quite versatile, if you follow this blog at all, I mean now a copper, sculpture style doll. Wish me luck, I need it for all of the above, and as usual wishing you a wonderful day and lots of love, diana

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