Mondays And Other New Beginnings

Well, it is Monday again. No I did not win the lottery yet! I am busy just trying to get my neck and back under control, been a rough weekend after a rough week last week. Not complaining just letting you know the heads up. I am looking forward to sitting and doing some artwork, it is hard to concentrate when your brain wants to focus on silly things like pain. It is so very annoying. I am in good spirits and ready to get busy again, just hoping that my body will let me, I crave being busy, makes the day so much more interesting. I have been staring at the same blank piece of paper for 5 days now, maybe I need to get a different piece out and get the juices flowing.

Okay new things. I did babysit this weekend, it went well. The girls are great, very sweet and respectful. We did some reading, artwork (shocker, huh?), and watched movies together. Lucky for them I have a great movie collection, mostly kids movies, one of my favorites. Guess I am just a kid inside, so they watched a wide assortment,from The Cat In The Hat, A Series Of Unfortunate Events to Chicken Little. It was good, I am however looking forward to some quiet again, have to get focused. Their mom is trying to get me work at the hotel she works at. Of course only the most glamorous job will do, apparently with my back the way it is laundry will be the least stressful. So who knows I may be working a “Real Job” as the infamous “They” say. I think what I do is real work, unfortunately no one is paying me right now, and for me the math has to work. Working long hours for no pay is bad math. Do not be fooled I am upbeat it just seems a shame, I feel I do have talent and feel unrecognized and under appreciated. Guess we all have those moments.

So a new week, hopefully some new art, and maybe even a new job, sounds like it could be a very adventurous week for me! Adventures are tricky things though. Lots of new experiences good and bad, all bundled up in moments of learning, connections and the ever broadening of the mind. Some times scary and at others it can be euphoric. Since I have nothing new right now to share enjoy something from a while ago, I am going to get busy again and have something for you ASAP. Love as always, have a wonderful day, diana

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