A New Sun On The Horizon, Plus Other Good News

Well I finally completed the new sun I was working on, This one took a lot of time, There is tons of tiny detail work in it, and it is very geometric in design. The black and white contrasts and the varied kinds of detail make it really fun to look at. Hope you like it. Would love to get feedback from you on the print or even on the blog. I am getting ready to start a new drawing, but my neck has been hurting again since last night, severe muscle spasms and it gave me a major head ache as well, like the neck pain wasn’t enough to get my attention. Guess I needed the extra pain to make me lay down and take it easy.

Starting tomorrow I will be watching my friends little girls on the weekends, to make some money and help her out as well. They are very sweet, and they are great fans of mine. The adventures never stop. I have been very focused on a way to help through a rough time she is having and stressing about not making money. This solves both problems, I am excited about it, and ready to start being more social again. Too much time making art, not enough being around people. It will help to inspire me even more, not that I have difficulty there, but it will freshen the ideas I am sure. The greatest help I need is the opportunity to sell my work and get this whole thing moving. I know though that when it hits, it will be an avalanche, because this is how my luck runs. Right now I am enjoying the quiet, but through more social interaction, preparing myself for that next stage in my life. At that point I will have to have one of those new fancy cell phones with internet, just to keep you posted, or at least a smaller lap top to carry around with me. I kind of like those blackberry phones.

I bought my lottery for tonight’s Mega Millions and tomorrow’s Powerball. I did also indulge in a scratch off and won $20 dollars on that, maybe it is a sign, or maybe that is all the luck I get this time. I need the cash so either way it worked out. I haven’t given up on winning the lottery though, so keep your fingers crossed for me, say a prayer, or whatever avenue you use to send me good luck. I will return the favor, the more energy going to one mission the more likely it is to happen. I believe that. Look at it this way, it is a great way to find out for sure. Let’s have an experiment and find out, not only if it works, but how fast! As always, lots of love to you, and smile today is a great gift, diana

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