Psychedelic Sun and A Few Other Things

Well, it has been a busy week for me. I am working on another sun, guess it is a mood thing. Here it the latest one, kind of psychedelic, but different. It has been kind of a roll lately, I love them. The sun plays a part in so many things, and it is such a universal image. No matter where you live, you can relate to it. No matter your beliefs you can relate to it. I am guessing if you read this blog, you have already guessed it it one of my favorite subjects, since I do have so many prints, and so many variations as well.

Today has been a good day to catch up with new and old friends alike, guess that is why I am still up. Just got off the phone with one a few minutes ago. I am really trying hard to see about getting some of these prints on t-shirts. I think they would look great and make great beach wear and summer wear for sure. Though they would work well for many other occasions and seasons as well, these would be hot items for the previous for sure. Funding is low at this time and my location is working against me some, but I am trying anyway. Hopefully a door will open soon. A new friend of mine is trying to get me set up on a site for artists, hoping that will work out as well. It is a little pricey however, not sure how immediate that will be, but it is in the works. I will be happy to put the link on here when I get it set up. Love to hear your feedback if any on these topics if you have any, and definitely any pointers as to possibilities for making this happen. These would be greatly appreciated and helpful.

As you have guessed, I have not won the lottery yet, forgot to buy tickets again. Actually was too busy, the phone rang all day and people popping in and out, just made it impossible to go get them. Tomorrow is another day of course and I will make it a point to get them for tomorrows drawing. Been over cast a lot the last few days, which helps to keep the heat a little less harsh, but summer is definitely a minute away. I have also been thinking about using some of the funds from the purchases of some of these products to be donated to environmental causes. I did some research, but not sure how to make the connections with those involved and not sure who is legitimate and who the scammers are. If you can help there, would love to hear what you have to say on that as well. As always, lots of love, diana

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