A Rainbow Sun, Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah and Nine By Design

Well, I just got done watching Nine By Design, I recorded it. I love that show, it makes me feel hopeful for an abstract artist like myself. They seem to really love fun art, abstract art, and new concepts. One of these days! I have also been noticing the commercials for America‘s Next Top Artist, by Sarah Jessica Parker. It gives me a good feeling to know that there still are people who appreciate art and the difficulties of being an artist. I can’t wait to see the show. I have always teased my friends one day you will see me on Oprah! It is interesting to see art so prominent and accepted on TV, even if it ends up being more reality TV, than documentaries, or educational. For anyone alive, it is always nice to recognized, just seen, a part of something real. Sometimes life can feel like a dream, people, just images floating by. Like a movie, no depth, no not like a movie. We can appreciate a character in a movie, or TV program better than some one we pass on the street.

It seems that we have lost the ability to connect or make connections with the people, the planet, the animals, nature, plants, water, air all that is truly real. We have filled those parts of our brains with characters with less substance. So many societies are completely disconnected with true life. I know it is good to disconnect at times, to stand back and reflect on something fantastical, it helps take the pressure off. Total disconnection is not good at all. I say this because we are all guilty, even I. I guess what is important is for how long and if we can pull out of it long enough to grow on every level.

On a lighter note, I finished another drawing, It is another sun, I am also working a different one. But this one was fun, lots of angels and lines, More geometric than the last one. I will post it with this blog. Hope you like it. I will try to finish the new one tomorrow and get it loaded on here as well. No great lottery winnings, just yet. But, I am sure all things are moving slow for me, because hope is dim. I am working on a brighter attitude to bring better prospects for my future into being. The lottery is all part of it. Focusing on good thoughts, positive imagery to help create a new life full of the beautiful dreams and thoughts, but no longer just images, reality!Love to you all as always, and would love to hear back from you, diana.

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