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Flea Markets, Braids And More From The Doktor

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2010 by dianaswonderworks

Well to day I have been busy making some braided bracelets and anklets, The original plan was to make some for my girls. They turned out nice so I thought, well I will make a few more and see how they do online. By about 11:30 am, my phone rang and one of my free clients ( If you haven’t read before, they all call for advice and really they jokingly call me their therapist), anyway she called to see if I would be interested in splitting a booth at the flea market this weekend. We do live in a tourist area and the flea market should do well for the forth of July weekend, or so we hope. It is tentative, based on whether we can still get a booth inside, I do not want to swelter in the heat. So, she is calling the manager at the market on Thursday to sign us up for an indoor booth. Neddless to say. I have spent the day making even more of these cute little bracelets, in the hopes since they are inexpensive and so very colorful, I can sell some this weekend as well/ As far as I know, I am still going to babysit for the twins as well, so it will be quite busy for me. The plan is to take my stone jewelry, the braided jewelry, paintings, and prints of my drawings. There will be a spot set up for me to work on my artwork while there and also take orders of the drawings that have no prints available at this time.

Should be fun, hopefully she won’t make me mad, as the British say. She lives far so I have even offered to let her spend the night for a few nights so she doesn’t have to drive so far everyday. Apparently I am already crazy, huh? Well, so be it, she will be helpful with the girls, she adores them. She is also a very good sales person, if any one can sell my stuff she surely can.

Finally some one is coming over to check on the shower in my apartment, the neighbor came by a few nights ago, actually while I was typing out a blog. She said her ceiling was full of water, it seems my shower is leaking and into her apartment. The real estate company in charge of these apartments is moving to another location and seems to be forgetting I want my shower back. Now, don’t run away,I am not smelly, there are two here, my point is I pay for two and rent is due, well I shouldn’t have to pay for two baths if I can only use one! Apparently when put that way , they decided to come check it out tomorrow, in the morning. Hopefully they will have it fixed before all the company arrives this weekend, or that could be difficult and probably annoying. Well, besides all that, things have actually been quiet, been busy making things, since clean up is on hold, till all this messy stuff is over with. There is no point in doing it twice! I still want to wash the walls, but I have to decide which rooms will not be affected by the fix it crew. Hoping you are having a great start on a holiday week. In case you are going away, please be safe on this 4th of July weekend, and as always, love, diana


Dr. Phil And Relationship Advice

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2010 by dianaswonderworks

Well, I just just finished watching a rerun of Dr. Phil, it was about marriage advice. I agree with many of the things that he and his experts say, I just don’t think they take it far enough. He said at one point that relationships are not always meant to last (specifically marriages), I agree. He said we shouldn’t allow ourselves to leave emotionally bankrupt and I agree, but also disagree. I believe when you feel your self feeling like you aren’t being treated fairly, and you are wounded, that is when you should toughen up and make your boundaries clear. Why do we wait till things are so ugly to acknowledge that there is a problem? My rule of thumb is simple, I expect to be treated the way I treat other people. In any relationship and more so in a dating or marriage relationship, I expect that for sure. Does that mean, one screw up and I am out the door, guess it depends on the error. If my man came in the door and said to be, get me a beer, I would laugh at him. That is the beginning of disrespect, I don’t do orders. This is not a restaurant, and if it was he wouldn’t talk to the waitress that way, he would ask politely. In my opinion, these are the beginnings of what you expect from each other in a relationship. If you tolerate that disrespect, then it moves on maybe tomorrow, you don’t keep the house clean enough, or your friends are not good enough, or you don’t dress properly.These guidelines need to be set early.

I think as a species, we are just so stupid and unrealistic. We expect so much from others and very little from ourselves. The rules should be clear from the beginning. I am not a cheater, I will not date a cheater. I am not jealous, I will not date some one who is jealous. I am not a control freak and I won’t date one, etc… The best help we can give ourselves is to be real about who we are, if you are the type of person who cheats, than you should date some one who cheats, keeping it real and keeping it balanced. Truthfully, if you cheat or are jealous I feel you should counseling, being in a relationship is not a good idea. It can only be bigger problems later. Back to what I mean, be clear to yourself first, about who you are and then decided what kind of person you want to be with, then start looking. If you aren’t in a healthy state of mind you have no business pretending to a good partner to any one. If you can’t live alone with yourself, you will never be able to live with some one else. You have to be your own best friend first. That way you will know how to be treated, take yourself out to the kinds of places you like and get used to that. One day, you will find some one that fits in that life style.

People change I know and sometimes we do compromise for love. It is just that it shouldn’t be the priority, changing a bad habit or two to be a better person is always a good thing. Changing to make some one else happy is never a good thing. Anyway, off the soap box for now, got to get some sleep. Sweet Dreams and happy mornings to you all, with love, diana

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Back On Track, Don’t Look Back!

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Well, I took a break from cleaning last night and started on another drawing. This afternoon I finished it. Just a nice pencil piece, about 18″ x 24″, but really pretty. It was a nice change, always working with color, and switching it up, by going back to basics. It is very pretty, something you could put anywhere, but my original thought was how good this would look in a bay’s room. Just remembering back to having little ones at home, and I wanted to relive that felling again, baby on the way and all. Happy moments, scary, exciting, nervous and feeling blessed. So, I thought, what would I like to put in a babies room. Something that they could grow with, and would work anywhere else in the house later, kind of a sweet dreams, and good morning piece all in one! Hope you like it, would love to hear back from you too.

Well, it worked, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was hoping that by distracting myself in house work, that I would get inspired and also, lose the gloom. I definitely found inspiration, and am feeling much better and stronger, I am going to be more assertive about how much therapy I can offer friends a day, and make more time for me to do the things I need to do and want to do. I realized that it wasn’t the issue of being needed that was overwhelming me. It was the stress of not making time for me. So, working on the house, organizing things so I can find them and taking time out to priss a little and indulge in being a girl, has helped me get back on track. Obviously, it is not complete yet, but I am on the right path. Therefore I must remain focused and maintain, there is no room for compromise, and those who don’t understand it, well sorry to say will have to get over it, or go away. Hoping you had a wonderful weekend, I know I enjoyed mine for sure.

Well a friend of mine who calls me to tell me how depressed and upset she is about things, did an odd thing this weekend. Here is how it went, she was having a playdate, with the twins I usually watch on the weekends. She sent along with the twins mom, another friend of mine gifts. She sends me a t-shirt, knowing I do not wear them, with a note attached. “Here is a t-shirt, I really want you to wear this, because I do all the time, and it carries my positive energy. If you aren’t going to wear, please send it back.” So, guess what I am going to do? Send it back, hopefully the irony of this little note is not lost on you. If however, you don’t understand, she calls me everyday with drama, and stress, she is one of the people that has been stressing me out. So, I guess that is really like two ironies, one that she is the cause and can help by leaving me some space, and two that how does she think this shirt is carrying positive energy, when she calls me daily or more to tell me how stressed out she is. Anyway, people are funny, that is all I have to say. It is amazing how clueless we can be sometimes, to think with all here meds for depression and all the doctors she sees for depression, stress and everything else, how can she say she is positive and sends out positive energy? Would love to ask her, but I am sure that is going to have to wait for a good day! Have a wonderful Monday, as always, here is my love, diana

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Getting Rid of Glum, In The Summer Sun!

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Well, as per the title, I have been suffering from a persistent bout of glum. Not a fun thing for sure, breaks the golden rule for me. So, I have been busy this week cleaning and cooking and baking and anything active I could do to shake it. This I do know about me I love a clean house and I love good food. So, since my artistic abilities have been on hold, I switched gears and went for the house and after a few days of slowing getting things organized I am starting to feel more like myself. I have been struggling for so long with trying to make money and focusing on my work (art, crafts) and to no avail. I have also been running around trying to find a job and no luck there either. I was getting depressed, caught myself getting teary eyed a few times this week, and that snapped me back into reality. There is nothing fun or cute about being depressed or tearful! So, I had to do something.

My counseling for myself was to do something that would reward me and not shoot me down. So, I drug out the cook books and when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I resorted to my imagination and whipped out some really good recipes, and that was good for an instant shot of feel good. My boyfriend was so happy, which made me happier, he told me I should share¬† my recipes on here. Not so sure if you are interested, if you are let me know and I will be happy to do that. I made a wonderful banana pudding to use up some bananas that were getting a day or two shy of having to be trashed and it is awesome, Home made pudding over the stove, nothing better. I also make a great blueberry cake, I wanted cupcakes, but no paper cups. I went ahead and put it in a tube pan, and it was wonderful, very moist, and full of flavor, no frosting, just a simple cake to have with coffee. Tonight I made a wonderful steak sandwich, with some tenderloin I got on sale, for $5.99, I baked it medium and sliced it on bagels with romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing, it was so tasty and refreshing for a hot summer day.

I was hoping to do a heavy cleaning in the bathrooms tomorrow, but I will have to delete one, since my neighbor downstairs just popped in to tell me her ceiling is all wet, sounds like the pan is broken, so no water in there for a few days. I did not receive any sales off of the highlight on the shop I mentioned prior to my little vacation from blogging, but I did get a few hot listings, that hopefully will lead to sales later. No big lottery winnings to share either, but I am not giving up! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, and I have missed my postings. As always, all my love to you all, diana

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Lottory Is In The Air, And So Much More!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 21, 2010 by dianaswonderworks

This morning I started out my day with a call from my daughter. She was having a lot of dreams last night and in one of them she dreamed some one gave her a check for a million dollars. Which I thought was ironic considering that my goal is to win the big lottery jackpot this year. Nice thought to start out the week, considering how draining last week was for still, still trying to recuperate. I also had to go check on a job one of my friends referred to me today, and ended up checking on two. Funny thing is they both gave em the same answer, really! “We just hired 3 or 4 people and just don’t know how many we will need yet, for now we have plenty of help.”, hum, more irony. I have decided not to get depressed, because no one wants to hang out with some on who is depressed and gloomy. This is not to say we don’t on occasion, just saying it isn’t any fun. That breaks one of my two rules to live by.

1. Always have fun!

2. Always look cute!

Keeps things so much simpler for me. The simple life definitely the way to go. Being depressed is not cute and definitely not fun. Breaks both rules, so that cannot happen, see how simple that is.

I slept a lot today, think it is my body’s way of recuperating from the stress from last week, so I rested, even though all I wanted to do was work. I cant tell you how many times I pulled out my art supplies, and then put them away. It seems that I can’t concentrate, too much going through my head. So tonight I plan on taking it easy and letting my body rest. Tomorrow’s game plan is to do some deep cleaning around the house that I have neglected from working so very hard. I am sure after all that my brain will be a flurry of ideas and all will be well. I will continue to look for work, but apparently God has some plan here I am not getting. I have never had any difficulty finding work, and lately it is a big problem. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket is my motto for a while now. So I keep doing the housework, and keep looking for work, doing my art, promoting my art and continue to get a better handle on this thing we call the internet. If something new pops up, then I will not be afraid to see if that pans out, a quote from a movie I think, pops into my head it goes something like this. “Something big was about to happen…..”, can’t remember the rest. That is the energy I feel around myself for a long time now, always on the edge of my seat. So the only plan I have is to make sure I am ready when it happens, so that I don’t hit a brick wall screaming for help! Because as I explained before that would not be cute or fun.

No news on the big lottery win, tonight is not a draw night, so that will have to wait. As for my art, I think I mentioned haven’t been able to work so something old will have to fill in for something new, sounds like a wedding, huh? That is not in the present future I assure you, don’t have time for that at all. I did have a weird weekend, I did mention that my Artfire shop was to be highlighted today and the next two days. Nothing has panned out there, still a lot to learn about this great beast the internet and internet sales I think. But, on the flip side, this blog had a very good day on Sunday, triple the usual viewers, that was nice to see. I would have loved to got a comment, but apparently, I wasn’t note worthy enough, or they were the quiet type. Would love to here from you, and hoping you have a wonder week, as always, love, diana

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The Doktor Is Still In, And Art, Art, Art!

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Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, tomorrow is back to the grind for many of you! My weekend has continued as before, lots of calls and drop ins, from those who seek my advice. Today I am completely exhausted from it all, can’t wait for everyone to go back to work so I can have a break! I mean that with the deepest love and respect for them all, I just think they don’t really realize how many of them there are, and there is only one me. I was up till 3:30 am with my youngest sweetheart,and had to get up at 6:30 to babysit for the girls. At 7:40, they were a no show, which was a bit frustrating, and come to find out I did not even have to get up at all, my friend had a rough night and overslept and had some one at home watch them for her today. Feeling a little sleep deprived today, and mentally drained. I tried working some art today, but the exhaustion kept me from focusing, even with a couple of naps. I have decided to focus on my blog and my shops and then if I am not out of it, giving art one more try before bed.

My Artfire shop, if you aren’t familiar is an online craft and art site. Well, the good news is I will be highlighted on it from the 21st through the 23rd, so any minute, since midnight is fast approaching. Some of the latest drawings have not been posted yet, so after blogging, I need to get busy updating it.I just want it as good as I can make it, I really want this to be successful. I haven’t made a sale yet, because being new to online business, I am still trying to figure out all the secrets. This was one of them, just recently discovered it was an option on the site, so I applied for it and low and behold, here it is, right at my feet. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

Today was an experimental day for me. My markers are running dry from all the drawings I have been doing and I wasn’t really wanting to drag my acrylics out today, too tired. So, I tried my hand at some pastels, something I don’t usually work with. I used them minimally at school and usually black and white, these were color. So I am still trying to figure out how to work them, it was fun to try, but disappointing that what I made did not impress. So for now they are put away, and I will have to try something else to amuse me. So, this means for today at least, there is nothing new to post, so I will have to find something in my archives to amuse for now. Hope you like it. If you have any thoughts, or want to check in with the Doktor, or just want to say hi, please feel free to drop a note. I love to have the interaction, happy Monday to you, and all my love, diana

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Therapy For Free And Other Commentaries!

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Last night I received a call from a previous co-worker. She talked for a few the usual how are you, what have you been up to and that sort of thing. After a few minutes she started asking me about some issues she was having at work. Basically, money missing from the cash drawer sort of thing. So, we talked for a while and I gave her a few sound suggestions on how to deal with the issue, asked a few questions to find the range of possibilities, one being the computer system had been crashing a lot as of late. Based on the fact the there were several new hires, too many people working out of one drawer and the remote possibility that the computer may be having issues, I gave her this advice.

1. Isolate one person per drawer, and when a lead person goes into the drawer document the exact amount of money taken, detailing the exact bills received. When putting change in the drawer, also document the exact amount of singles, change rolls given.

2. Fro her purposes also document every sale, by the money received from the costumer and also the exact change given, by number of singles, fives ect…

3. Keep a careful eye on the new hires to make sure they know how to give change. Unfortunately, too many people are not able to count back change, their math skills seem to be nonexistent.

My thoughts being that first of all it could rule out any computer issues. Secondly, it would cover her butt by showing her cash counts thereby eliminating her as shorting the cash drawer,

I thought it was good advice, it would be what I would do in a similar situation. The funny part of the story is that while I am on the phone with her, my neighbor is sitting on my couch ( pun intended) waiting for me to be done with my girlfriend so he can ask my advice on his personal life. Then to beat all another friend of mine called in on my call waiting also wanting my advice on issues she is having at work. I find it incredibly amusing that so many people seek my advice, however it is extremely draining. The most amusing part is I feel like a shrink with out a salary! I am thinking something has to give there. All of my life people have sought my advice, and respected it. A wonderful gift and yet sometimes I feel under appreciated. It seems when I have problems, no one wants to hear it, and I understand that very well, this is no pity party. It is just so out of balance, I would love to either get paid for it, or have equally knowledgeable friends to be there for me when I need it. My joke of the day is to start a blog called Doktor Diane, because I am not a doctor, but feel like it sometimes! Any input good or bad on this topic or any other of my posts is most welcome, I read them and answer them.

As an update, I haven’t won the lottery just yet, but I am sure it is coming. I got a lead about a job, from one of my friends and I will be checking it out on Monday. Wish me luck, I need new art supplies! Speaking of art I finished another drawing and now have the pictures to share with you. More sunflowers as I promised, more lighthearted than the last set. Hope you enjoy it, as always, much love to you, diana

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