Sun Over The Water, Memories of Gatlinburg

I just finished the second of two drawings I have been working on the last couple of days. Been a minute since I have been on. Once my mind starts working, it is so hard for me to stop! I have more ideas in the works, probably at least one more sun. They are one of my favorite themes. Suns have for centuries, in every culture been gods, or great themes of art. This is my way of paying homage to them. So many cultures to represent, and also add that modern flair. The back grounds change from modern pop art kind of look to very nature oriented style. As always my love of great colors to create, life, vibrancy and happiness. Hope you love this sun picture, I and thinking as of right now it is one of my favorites.

The other picture is an ode to the town I live in. I am constantly teased about my flair for the sun, but I am living in the mountains. So, as a way of showing my love for the beautiful views here and the inspiration I get from them, I made a little drawing for the locals. It was fun and the first of more, I hope. My greatest difficulty with these themes are that most artist portray them with an Indian spin. I need to find a beautiful way to spin it, so it reflects my joy of them. Be patient, it was my first try. Hope you like it as well, would love to hear some feedback on one or both of them, if you can.

Update on the lottery. I have not checked the numbers yet, won $5 on a $1 scratch off the other day. Every little bit helps! The weather is getting so warm, and now the bugs are trying to sneak in the house, and being hot with no where to swim is a bit of a downer. But, I am hanging on to every wisp of wind and every shower and thunder storm, trying to milk as much of a spring for myself as possible. I do love the spring and fall the most. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the weather where ever you may be. Love always, diana

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