Transfomer Blow out, Adventures in Gatlinburg

Well, it is Wednesday, been a real busy week so far. Monday I went to Gatlinburg, that was a busy day. A friend of mine came out for a visit and we went out to check out the Galleries in the city there. Unfortunately not many shops carry abstract art, and the few who did, most were owned by that artist and only carried their own works. The one shop that did carry many artists and did have abstracts on display is a juried gallery, so it will be a long process, and a bit costly. Minimum $100 a month for a small area, plus 30% of sales. So unless I blow out the gate, it will be a while before I profit. Not sure what I think of that yet. I am trying to weigh out the pros and cons, not looking so good on the pros.

Yesterday a transformer blew out and that left me with no power for several hours. So I got busy finishing a clock a friend gave me. I painted it in my silly abstract style and it will be displayed here today. I also finally got a picture of the notorious top I crocheted. It is quite colorful, I am thinking of making a white one one day. It is really comfortable and girly, I think it turned out quite pretty. Love to hear what you think.

So far nothing is happening in my online shops, which is discouraging. I have not won the lottery or mega millions yet! But, I am struggling to keep up my optimism. I will have to go to work very soon to supplement my income. That really scares me the last job put me into the hospital, for the $700 I made, I am sure my hospital bill will over ride it. The medications alone were $50. I stayed overnight,I am sure I did not come out a winner in that game. It is really difficult finding work that doesn’t hurt more than it helps for me theses days. Being the kind of person who hates relying on others doesn’t help. It makes me feel very anxious. So every day is a challenge to stay positive, on track and hopeful, that some thing great will come my way. Hope you all are well, as always, Love, d

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2 Responses to “Transfomer Blow out, Adventures in Gatlinburg”

  1. I’ve got to say, this is a great post and a great blog alltogether. wty1d8

    • Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoy it. I very much appreciate the time you took to leave a comment. Hope you have a wonderful week, and looking forward to seeing you, or hearing from you again!

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