Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off To Work I Go!!

Well, I am back. Been busy working on some paintings, and I did finish my top. I need some one to get a pic of me in it, so that will have to wait. I did however take a couple of the paintings I finished. They are not the greatest, need to get them in the sunlight tomorrow. But I thought I wold share them with you anyway, excited to show them off I guess. Hope you like them, it was a lot of fun. These are also done on the Alder wood, as was the peacock I did last week. I refuse to let this great wood go to waste.

One is a Blue Poison Dart Frog, from the rain forest and the other is a sunflower with a baby swan, blue jay, and a wren. I think they are both really cute. Kind of my cross between realism and pop and maybe some fantasy mixed in there too! I love my art to be colorful, playful and fun. That is my personality, and it really shows up in my art. Would love to hear your opinion on them. Hope you all had a great weekend, and hoping your Monday started out with fun.

As usual here is my update, so far I haven’t won the lottery, but I am still shooting for it. What a goal, huh? But things are great, staying awake again at night, ideas flying, wishing I had a sewing machine, I have a bunch of design ideas for some pretty clothes I want to make. I will have to sketch them out so I don’t forget them. Worse case scenario, hand sewing will have to be an option, it just takes so long that way! But, I am not scared. As always, much love to you………………d

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