Life As A Dream

Today was a good day, Just a little on the surreal side. It isn’t like anything really crazy happened, it just feels like I have been in a dream state all day. Like an out of body experience, traveling along on a current with no goal or purpose. Several times I tried to get myself out of this funk and do something and nothing comes to mind. This is weird for me, a usual day finds me going one hundred directions at once. For most people this might be overwhelming, for me that is normal. To find myself directionless and unmotivated is completely alien. I think I am slowing coming back as the day becomes late, so maybe this will be a good sign for tomorrow. I need to finish the top I started over a week ago, it just comes down to buttons. I need to post a few more things in my shops online. I would also, like to finish my painting I started before my desire left and became focused on the top and the bracelets I finished.

I am working on waking up, night falls and I wander out of my dreams into reality. Tomorrow will bring me back to my crazy, happy space. Listening to the crickets outside and feeling the cool breeze after the storms of the afternoon is energizing me. I am ready to rock and roll! It is a weird weekend too, like not a weekend at all. Feels like Monday to me. I put in a job application yesterday, hopefully I will be getting a call tomorrow. That would be good, to make money again. Just wishing with all the hard work and effort I have put into my home based business, that it was paying off. So many hours and dollars dedicated to creating wonderful, cool, fun and playful things. More hours and dollars to set myself up online via shops and blogging, and it seems to be going nowhere. I am smart enough to know that things aren’t always what they seem, just impatient I guess. I don’t do well waiting for things to happen. I am much better at making them happen. Being online and trying this whole new venue and world, so alien to me is difficult. Kind of like a fish out of water. Time will tell, and my hard work will pay off in the long run, I am sure of it. Just wishing it was now!

The lottery drawing is tonight looking for that big pay off, to really get things jump started. I love Sundays, they always seem so peaceful to me, so hopefully that will put me back on track. Tonight, I will focus on making fantasy a reality. Radiate that happy glow, starting to well up inside of me. Grab it and put a magnifier on it, so that glow becomes a beam of light so strong that it will carry me to that world. Once I am there, I can bask in it, bathe in it and share the joy of it with everyone else who wants to feel that joy. I want so much for so many, it isn’t just about me. I know in my heart that we all need encouragement, love, hope and appreciation, that is my goal for myself and all I make contact with. Have a beautiful weekend, and as always, love…………………………..d

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3 Responses to “Life As A Dream”

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  2. Engaging lecture, althoug it can be argued both sides. A bit like talking love spells in the middle of a well-ordered paper.

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