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Well, it has been a minute since I updated. A friend suggested a new shop for me, so I have been busy getting that started. I will share the link. Keep in mind there isn’t much on there yet. It makes sense to list a little at a time. This keeps me on the new listings list daily. So I am still working on the business, sorry I haven’t been on, have missed it. Mother’s Day was quiet and peaceful. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

I am still working on the lottery, it has been fun. The other day was the first day I haven’t won anything, but I am not giving up. Life has been opening so many doors lately, none of the ones I was hoping for, but it may turn out to be better. A friend called me and sent me out to check on a job, she thought I would be perfect for. I went and applied, keeping up hope, one thing I do know. You never know which door will lead you to your next opportunity. I have another friend working hard to get my art out there too! Leave no stone unturned, surely there is a pot of gold under one of them.

Lately I am also feeling drawn to giving back. Which in a way is kind of funny, since I don’t have anything monitory to give. I just know these doors are opening up and I have to pay attention. I am still working on my top, getting very close to the end I think, and I already have many more projects I want to start. I need a camera desperately, but with no income at this time I am not sure where that camera will come from. I do know one thing. If my luck holds true, when I need it the most it will be here. I look forward to seeing how it will all come to play. Hope you are having a beautiful day where ever you are! The weather here has been great. Got to run and deal with my Avon, if anything new pops up, you will be updated. As always lots of love to you………d


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