Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest mother of all…..

charcoal sketch I did for a friend

I think today while we are all running around visiting all those mothers, grandmothers and just wonderful women in our lives, we need to take some time to recognize the mother of us all. A mother who I think may have been neglected and hurt by our whims, frivolities and greed. This is not to say we are bad wicked people, just to say we are all guilty of being prodigal children in some form or another. Being children we sometimes don’t think things through till it is too late. The mother that feeds us all and provides for us is being poisoned and abused by her very children. She gave us life, and not only do we forget to acknowledge what a wonderful gift she has given all of us. We forget that we need to take care of her too.

She gives us air to breath, water to drink, food for our hungry bellies, and countless other gifts so we can have the fulfilling lives we have. It only seems proper that we thank her in some way today, as we thank the other mothers in the world, who with her help were able to give us the memories we have that make us who we are. I am not going to go into some soap box speech. We all know in our heats what is right, and we need to follow. She is not greedy, our gifts can even seem small and insignificant to us. The totality of those gifts however, can make a hugs impact.

What I am suggesting, and asking for is that today, give what you can, it can be a prayer for her, those that lead our governments to make good choices or even a small donation to some organization that you feel is doing things to save an animal, plant or the environment in general. Don’t drink form plastic containers today, or recycle even one thing. Just make a conscious effort to do one thing to make her feel appreciated. The tiniest thing will help, and the gift of passing on this acknowledgment to our children will be great! I am a mother and a grandmother too, and this is what I want for Mother’s Day, a gift to save another piece of a world that I want to be able to nurture those babies to come. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and grandmothers and event o those who are mothers without the claims of birth. We are all here because one mother greater than all of us gave us the ability to create life! Blessings to you all, and love always………………..d

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