Luck, Joy and Hope! I’ll Take One Scoop Of Each, Please!

Luck today has been on the upside. No I haven’t hit it big yet, if anyone is following my goal to make my lottery millions this year. Today I won about $25 dollars and when I turned that in for 20 in cash and one $5 ticket, got another $10. Just enough to see that hopefully my positive attitude is making some progress. Then again, it could be my mind practicing wishful thinking too! I prefer the first. I know it has not happened before and that gives me some hope, that the cosmos is paying attention, even if it is on a smaller scale. Life is good.

I have also, begun working better. Hard to explain, but I will do my best. I have been getting a lot more ideas lately. It seems when I decided to let go of all the stress in my life, that my creativity exploded. Now, as I remember at better times, I do not even remotely have all the time I need to keep up with the ideas soaring through my cranium. Time to start journaling, I will do some on here, but some I have to keep to myself, sorry, they could pan out for me and don’t want anyone stealing my brainstorms. I do promise, that as they come into fruition you will be informed and see the fruits of my labors and secrets. I continue to hope that one day very soon, some one will actually respond to my posts, just so I feel like this isn’t just a diary. I was never good at keeping one. I tend to lose interest and just do things when my brain goes into overload. Not a good plan I hear when you are blogging. With a big smile on my face and a wink to anyone reading this, I say, nice to meet you. Hope I am not boring you!

Currently, until I can correct the little problem of my camera not working, I am working on a crocheted top for myself. It is multi-colored and and on the lacy side. We will see how that goes, seeing as I have no pattern and have never made one before! I remain confident, it really is a rare occasion, when I don’t make something I don’t enjoy. It is however a time consuming project, and I don’t think it will be done for at least a week. I have been working on it for three or four days now and have a long way to go. This is one of those times I wish I was a size one, because I would be almost done! This not being the case, I will have to be persistent and patient. I just wanted something fun, colorful and light weight to wear over my tanks in the summer, and I can’t find what I want in the stores, so I am using my gift to give myself what I want. Those big time fashion designers don’t have time to worry about little ole me here in Tennessee. Luckily, I don’t have to rely on them either.

As always lots of love to you……………………….d ❤hearts from me to you

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