A Broken Link in the Armour-and more updates

Today was a day for many awakenings. It seems lately, that my mind is becoming so vibrantly aware of so many things. Some times too many to process at once. One hundred ideas and thoughts swirl in minutes and I have to spend days trying to sort with them and so many that come in between. Today was one of those kinds of days.

Along with many things going on the last few days, today I finally watched the season finale of Ruby. Not sure if you are familiar with it, but it is the adventure of a woman struggling with losing weight and finding and fighting her demons from the past. If you haven’t seen it, watch it some time, it has a lot of really great learning techniques and experiences many people can relate to. I too, like Ruby have many missing pieces of memory missing in my past, and today, from watching the show realized a few things about myself as well. I know in my heart a lot of these memories I am missing contain sexual abuse and other traumatic experiences that my little mind at the time could not process, so they hide in little closets in my brain. I always felt, I am a happy person and though it troubled me that I cannot relate to people who have these wonderful childhood memories, I figured, it hasn’t really affected my life. So, why go there? I also have struggled with my weight through the years and never really connected the two till today. What a shock! I have been saying for a while now, that I felt the weight gain was my wall to protect me, and low and behold that is exactly what I learned on the show today. There is truth to that. I learned tons of techniques to go there, now I just need to get the courage to open those little closet doors.

I kept the show on my DVR so that I can go back later and make sure I go through the process, the way it was meant to. Anyway, if any of you have ever wondered, or wanted to talk, here is my first step to healing. Wish me luck.

I bought my lottery today, still planning on winning, and very soon. It was a good day, love to learn new things, especially about myself, and how the brain works. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, if you need something different check out my sites on Etsy and Artfire. I would be happy to rush them out to you. Have a great night tonight and a wonderful day tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing what you think. As always, love………d


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