Sunflowers and Thundershowers

Sunflowers Again

Smile it is spring and summer approaches!

Well, I started working on a sunflower and birds on another alder wood piece. Coincidentally, it will be raining and thunder storming the next day or so. Guess that makes great weather to be inside and painting! SO work I will. I have only begun it and work is slow, been kind of an eventful weekend. I have mentioned on my page that I have been having physical problems that have been making it hard for me to carry a more conventional job. Guess I was more right than I knew. I was having some crazy arm, neck chest and back pain Friday. Well, it happened twice, put down on the sofa both times and scared the life out of me to be sure. Finally, after much debating with myself and a few friends who saw it happen, I went to the ER. They kept me over night and after lots of tests and blood work. Thankfully I did not have a heart attack or a stroke. It appears that I had a severe muscle spasm in my back and neck that created those very scary symptoms. My friends saw my face turn red, like a blood pressure thing and all of that. I felt the blood rushing to my head, I was really frightened. I am happier now, but just a note to all out there, it seems that back problems can mimic just about anything. I guess I worked a little longer than I should have. I knew I was hurting my hands, but was completely unaware I was hurting my back, and even though I have been off for a couple of weeks, it still came back to haunt me. Word to the wise don’t push yourself and never second guess yourself. SO my plan for a bit now will be to work myself gently, and try to get my arms and neck and back, all on track again. So for now me and the sunflower and birdies will be hanging out. What comes after that I do not know. Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend, and with any luck less eventful than mine!! Love to you all……d

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