Love-Is it an open door policy?

Wonderland Door

Love, such a small word. We use use all the time, maybe even many times a day. Do any of us truly know what it means? How is it possible for such a small, simple word to be so incredibly complex, variable, changing and powerful? It seems to me that our culture has really lost out, by simplifying something so complex. Many other cultures have many words for love, varying from love between, parents and children, to love between mates, love between friends, siblings, etc…In some ways I think that because we are so non-descriptive in its’ meaning, we have learned to be frivolous with it.

Our nation seems to less and less value the meaning and truth behind one of the most powerful feelings and actual powers built in to the very nature of our bodies, minds and souls. It is a sad statement of our world that we take such a beautiful gift and minimize its’ power to change lives and our own reality. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, scientific, spiritual or none of the above, we all have the capability to recognize the miracle of sharing this truth. The one and only truth to being alive here on this planet. I wonder sometimes how much we have lost out on as a species by not following our hearts more often.

Today is a beautiful day, and the world is a beautiful place, and this is not meant in anyway meant to put a damper on that reality. My way of raising food for thought to ponder how much more beautiful it could really be. I see so much around me, that brings true joy to  my heart everyday. I wonder how many things I miss, getting busy with the day to day, or just not being out of the four walls. Today is a day for reflection, and tomorrow, I will work on bringing more of that wondrous growth into my life. I have strayed from that path, and I am now home sick. Time for another change! Hope you had a great weekend, love always…………..d

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