Blogging for Cash?

This is new to me. If anyone has done this, knows how this works, in a real life kind of way I would love to learn more. Just curious, was reading up on it, sounds like it could be a scam kind of thing. I can see how it would work, but at the same time being new to blogging and not having a following as yet, I just wonder as a fellow blogger , What do you think of this practice?

I am split, it makes good business sense to promote others, that can in turn help to promote you. I mean if you refer some one to a product they end up loving, they would come back to see if you have any other advice that they can use, right? The flipĀ  side of course is, what if they don’t? Or, maybe they don’t really take your blog seriously at all, because now you become the blogger who is all about sales and no real meat in your blogs. I hope I explained that properly. Like the boy who cried wolf, or Jill Z from The Real Housewives of New York “It’s in the book!”. When you finally have something to say, everyone has stopped listening.

Anyway, just a thought and a preponderance, if you can help by letting me know what you think, that would be great. Life is full of lessons and I am always full of questions, so there you have it. There were no lottery drawings today by the way, so no news there. I am learning a little more and more each day about blogging and I like it, we will see if it likes me back! Hope you have a Great night…………….d

Just a little moon I made, with some navigational tools to guide us through our dreams!

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