The Yellow Brick Highway?

New Age Flowers

Smelling the modern day roses!!

Just reflecting back on how fast paced our lives have grown through the years. I think that even younger people than I can appreciate it. Dorothy had The Yellow Brick Road, she skipped happily along, no worries or cares to fret over. I know she had some dilemmas, but to her it must have been like the movie it was to us. Completely surrounded by a surreal world, more like a bad dream than any real reality. I guess in that respect she wasn’t much different than us. Life can really be unreal at times. But lucky for her, she could skip along, whistling a happy tune. If I did that, skipped done the street singing a happy song, I am sure some would have me put into a straight jacket. At the least warn the neighbors to steer clear, and keep the kids under lock down when I was in the vicinity.

Happily I can be that person at home, I just keep her locked up as much as possible when in public, unless I have some one with me who can vouch for my sanity! Back to the point, with life speeding along at mach levels, I need a race car with a great audio system to be like Dorothy. I wish we could turn back the clock to a time that even I am too young to remember, except through TV, and reminiscence of parents and grandparents. They worked hard every day, but demands were so much less complex than they are now. They did not have to worry about being politically correct, or cell phone etiquette, or even road rage.

I know life had its problems then too. I just think as a society, this age is missing out on that rose garden on the side of the road. You know so we can stop and smell them. I do things that recreate that for me, through my art, and I am sure you have your own ways to take that moment. It just seems that our time is so much more limited, hence people get stressed and end up on Prozac instead now. I am sure it is nice for those who enjoy that ride, it just seems that we can create more of that feeling, the way it was meant to be felt. If we all had more time. Wondering what you think……d

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